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The “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London has been opened today. For further details (when, what, who, why) please see this entry. The event is a benefit for the Barnardo’s Children Charity.

If you visit the website of


and allow the flash animation to load, you’ll see Jack and two cute wee moppets. Anybody in the London area: an exhibition well worth visiting and for a cause that can never get too much support.

Edited to add: as the exhibition is over, the picture isn’t there anymore. Here’s the small version:


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There it is, have fun with it.
Should you spot any mistakes or broken links, please yell.

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Event: Cambridge Jones’ Celebrity Photography Exhibition
Exhibition Opening Date: 25 April 2008

Location: Getty Images Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DX (nearest tube is Oxford Circus)

Exhibition will feature work from celebrity guest photographers: Cherie Blair, Sean Bean, Jack Davenport, Terry O’Neill, Laura Bailey, Bruce Oldfield, Colin Salmon, Andrew Lincoln, Claudia Winkleman, Lulu Guinness, Sophie Raworth, Dom Joly, Brian Belo, Fraser James, Gail Porter, Heather Small, Josie D’Arby, Stephen Mangan and Rageh Omaar.

Details: Barnardo’s and a host of well-known faces have joined forces with acclaimed photographer Cambridge Jones in a bid to find permanent homes for the thousands of children awaiting adoption across the UK. The exhibition highlights some of the children in the care system that have nowhere to call home. Celebrities became guest photographers for the day to highlight the importance of finding every child a home.

The exhibition runs from 25 April until 3 May 2008.



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With the release of the movie just around the corner… in 2009… no, seriously, filming has started and naturally, the locals are excited. We’ll collect here a selection of news reports which are fun to read and in any case more interesting than doing the laundry. Bits and pieces about “The Boat That Rocked”, so if you’re a spoilerphobe, stay away. All that aside, pubs are always a good thing to write about. Or visit. Cheers!

Dorset Echo: Pub will feature in pirate radio film
“(…) “The crew hope to build a mast outside on May 12 and then a couple of weeks later on May 22 start filming. (…)”

Dorset Echo: Watch people lining up for the extra-casting! (Video)

The Cheers: Rhys Ifans is to star as a ‘pirate’ in his new movie
“(…) The Welsh star has been cast as an illegal DJ in the ‘The Boat That Rocked’, the true story of Radio Caroline which famously hijacked the British airways from an offshore boat in the 60s. (…)”

Dorset Echo: Ship for new film arrives in harbour

Rex Features: First pictures of the ship / filmset

Motor Boats Monthly: Pirate radio ships in Weymouth Bay

Dorset Echo: Movie’s cameras to record Trawler Race

Dorset Echo: Launch returns for film star role

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Slowly, slowly we’re digging our way through folders and files. The following sections of the website have been completed so far:


Special thanks here to Lulubellnyc for slaving away over the scanner!


The sections or Swingtown, The Key Man and The Boat That Rocked have been updated. We’re now updating the other movies, TV shows and the galleries. As we update as we go, you can always check out the latest progress online.

If you spot a mistake, a dead link or have additional information, please yell.

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As some of you already know, Jack Davenport has been cast for the movie “The Boat That Rocked”. If you want to be part of the movie, you have now the chance, because extras are wanted!

An open casting session will be held on Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13 from 10am to 5pm at the Hotel Prince Regent,on The Esplanade in Weymouth.

No experience is required but possible extras must be aged 16 years and above.

Extras will receive a daily rate of £80 per adult per day and the filming will be on location in the Portland area in May.

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We are currently in the process of constructing

Jack Davenport – The Unofficial Website

This is not a website for Jack Davenport – he very likely needs one like a he’d need a second head – but for the lazy lot of us aficionados. It’s handy to have all information collected in one place, rather than tracking things down on the internet like the DRSS their lost laptop (and probably as successfully). If you’d like to know more about the whys and hows and whats regarding the website, please go here:

Thar be dragons!

We’ll add more content over the next few weeks, the final launch is scheduled for 1 May. However, the website is already online, so if you’re bored, you can check daily for new additions. Not the most thrilling of all pastimes, but it beats cricket. And golf. And Big Brother. Especially Big Brother.

Just so you don’t get too excited about this and to avoid possible disappointments: this is not going to be a replacement for jack-davenport.net – there won’t be tons of high-resolution pictures or hundreds of screen caps, just a bit of this and that and some of the other. Basic information with some pictures to ogle.

There will be no message board or forum to go with the website. All we’ll do is updating and maintaining sparky central. Like most of the people who like Jack Davenport’s work, we’re funs, not fans. We’re not taking this overly serious, that’s why we’ve chosen the most geeky domain name for this website that we could come up with.

If you’d like to submit something to the website, you’re very welcome. Screen caps, pictures, interviews, vodka – just keep it coming. Just nothing personal or private, we’re not gossip central here. We’ll update whenever we have the time, which might not always be immediately.

OK, this is your website, have fun with it. And don’t let the dog out.

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