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An interview with Jack Davenport

(History Channel)

(Jack Davenport as Lt. Ralph Clarke)

Special thanks go once again to Dora for finding this. Cheers!


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… after all, the show is doing well in the ratings!

The Associated Press- Derrik Lang
Controversial CBS series ‘Swingtown’ continues to rattle America’s suburbs

“(…) So far, the sex – and interpersonal drama – seems to be selling. Critical reception for “Swingtown” has been toasty. The premiere episode was watched by a respectable 8.6 million viewers and was the sixth-most-watched drama of the week, coming in second place behind the NBA finals during its Thursday time slot, according to Nielsen Media Research. (…)”

Concerned citizens and parents of three year olds who can’t keep their offspring away from the tube at 10pm will be happy to hear that, so far, no bacchanalia have been observed in the streets.

Such good news calls for celebrations, and as I’m not very much into swinging (unless salad is involved), a couple of new pictures of Jack Davenport as Bruce Miller will have to do. Yeah, I know, you’re all suffering terribly.

Tired of Swingtown? Still not enthusiastic about Jack’s accent? Then here’s a little extra for me you.

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A neat and legal way to watch “Swingtown” episodes: download them from iTunes! It’s $ 1.99 per episode, or you can get the season pass for $ 24.99 and save the enormous sum of $ 0.88.


If the link shouldn’t work for you: “Swingtown” is filed under “TV shows – drama”.

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Good news for you folks in the UK: as has been rumoured for a while, “Swingtown” seems to have found a home in the UK. If all goes according to programming plans, the show will be on ITV1. Tentatively re-named “Swingborough-Upon-Tyne”.

In other news, there are four new pictures for you.

Last but not least:

After being pelted with bible verses, “Good Boy, Sparky!” has now to deal with a spam flood originating from various “swinger” websites. The spam filter makes for interesting reading these days…! One thing is as annoying as the other, so: stop it, nobody cares or is interested around here. We’re monogamous heathens. Thanks.

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In connection with the recent “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London, “Marie Claire” runs an article in its June issue about both the exhibition and “Barnardo’s”, the charity promoting adoption in the UK.

It kind of baffles me that one even has to promote adoption. If you needn’t to be married for five years, “unwillingly childless” and have the income of a bank director where I live, I’d done it long ago. Anyway, initiator of this event was/is photographer Cambridge Jones, and many celebrities participated in this exhibition, among them Jack Davenport and Andrew Lincoln.

If you’re interested in adoption, please check out Barnardo’s. It’s a good thing, folks.

“(…) It’s vital that people are reminded about adoption – there are so many children in the UK in need of a loving family. It can change lives in the profoundest way imaginable. – Jack Davenport (…)”

Jack Davenport with Aaron, ten, and Sasha, four

Andrew Lincoln with Janet, five

Rageh Omaar with Adrian, seven, Hassan, two, and Rita, five

If you want to learn more about the background of the exhibition and the “Heart Gallery” project, please surf over to have a look at Cambridge Jones’ portfolio.

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Jack Davenport and the lovely Molly Parker as Bruce and Susan Miller in “Swingtown”.

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