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So we guess it’s true then – Bruce Miller is a blanket hog!

Two new pictures here.


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To quote Wikipedia on the police drama “Flashpoint”:

(…) hostage taking, bomb threats and heavily armed criminals. Even though they’re backed with high-tech equipment with an arsenal of explosives, tasers, submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles, the SRU operators use their intuition to voice their judgements to resolve the situation. (…)”

CBS, in lack of balls and spine, has switched the timeslots for “Flashpoint” and “Swingtown”. Means:


Make a note in your calendar.

While I’m not a particular fan of “Swingtown” (no moral qualms, I’m simply not interested), I find it hilarious that the much-quoted vulnerable children and their morally outraged parents can now enjoy hostage taking and bomb threats on Thursday nights rather than the most sexless swinger drama ever, which seems to be fine with the concerned citizens. Heh. Colour me not surprised.

No news yet on the future of “Swingtown”, but we’ll keep you posted. The grapevine says that all episodes in the can will be aired, which makes sense, especially considering a possible deal with ITV and other “foreign” TV stations.

On the plus side: “Moonlight” fanpoodles will now get on the nerves of “Flashpoint” fans rather than on ours. See? Every cloud has a silver lining. Cheers!

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“Off, off to the Batmobile, Robin! The Riddler is back!”

“Eh – quoi…?!”

Eight new pictures for your viewing pleasure. DO NOT HOTLINK, PLEASE.

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Yesterday a mail from a nice lady called Gwen landed in our mailbox. Hungry Hamsters, so she said, had not gone the way of the dodo. Some weeks ago, she’s been to an exhibition in honour of cartoonist Dave Follows. He was one of the “fathers” of the hamsters. And according to some people at that exhibition, the Hungry Hamsters project has not been dropped.

We found Dave Follow’s website, and really, there’s a report about the exhibition as well as the following tidbit:

“Hungry Hamsters, a new animated comedy series created by TV producer Nicholas Sercombe and Dave Follows, Hungry Hamsters is currently in production, 13 x half hour CGI animation programmes due for completion early May 2008, its aim for a Muppet Show like time slot on ITV or BBC is currently under negotiation … the programmes feature a star principal cast including voices from Brian Blessed, Harry Hill, Jack Davenport, and rock legend Alice Cooper and will also be released on computer and mobile.”

( source )

No idea if this bit is just a repetition of the press news from two years ago, but hey, it’s news. And you know the old proverb:

“When giants cast shadows, hope for the shade.”
No, we have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

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We’ll send you off into a long and hopefully happy weekend with five new “Swingtown” pictures.

Also: by saying “please don’t hotlink”, we actually mean “DON’T HOTLINK!!!”- we just try to be polite about it. As this obviously makes the message difficult to understand for some individuals over at MySpace, Facebook and Fanlib, here’s a little reminder for you not to steal our bandwidth and cause us extra costs:

If you shouldn’t know what hotlinking is, click here for an explanation. Thanks.

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