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36 screencaps of Jack Davenport as Harry Fairfield in the BBC production of Sheridan LeFanu’s “Wyvern Mystery”. The mystery-factor is low and the story so far-fetched that the import taxes were probably higher than the production costs, but the costumes are nice to look at. As is Jack Davenport.

Click the pic below to get to the “Wyvern Mystery” gallery – and please no hotlinking.


In addition to the gallery, we’ve unearthed an interview with Jack Davenport in the “Independent”, where he talks about “The Wyvern Mystery”, “This Life”, a brand-new sitcom called “Coupling” and pigs. Furthermore, it delights me to no end that Jack also likes Curly Wurlys. I feel less geeky now.



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If you don’t know what to read when next visiting your hairdresser, the September-issue of “Marie Claire” would be a good choice (if you’re living in the USA, that is). Why? Because the “Swingtown”-cast parades fashion. See Jack Davenport wearing a $ 475 shirt and looking like either a funeral director or a math teacher. Considering that he’d look five times better in a t-shirt, he will hopefully only pose for Marie Claire, not follow their fashion tips. The ladies look fantastic, though. And we learn that Grant Show’s moustache has been baptised “Sebastian”. Knowledge we couldn’t have lived without.

Click the small pic to get the big one.


“Swingtown – The First Season” is now up for pre-order on Amazon US, with a scheduled release date of 16 December. Price is USD 22.89, format Region 1 (Curse! Darn! Drat! Damnation!)

That’s great news for the fans of the show, but please keep in mind that “The First Season” doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a second (though we all hope it, of course, maybe with exception of the Concerned Citizens for Crispy Clean TV). I have so far not found an official source confirming the release, but it looks good. Keep your fingers crossed! Hat-tip to Dnique for finding this tidbit.


Guess who’s a Twatt… click the pic and surf over to actor William Ilkley’s website to find out.

Ken mailed us. He came across Jack Davenport in his hometown during the filming of “The Boat that Rocked” and wants the world to know that Jack’s a great guy, even on a bad day and in lousy weather. Jack’s welcome to return anytime. Cheers!

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There is one thing no decent website about an actor should be without:

Message board? No.
Chat room? No.
SuppahSekritMemberSection? Hell, no!

We’re talking about – a rat. Yes, a rat. But not just any rat – a HERO RAT!

We’re very happy to inform you that we will have neither a message board nor a chat room and definitely no SSMS – instead, we have adopted Ziko Herorat! He does a more important job than any of us here at “Goodboy, Sparky”: Ziko, who is still a baby, is currently trained to sniff out land mines. With his help, and the help of many other heroic rats (and those who train them), land mines can be found and destroyed. And as Ziko and his pals are featherweights, the mines can’t harm them.

A warm applause for the young man!

Here are a few words from Ziko:

Thank you very much for adopting me.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Ziko and I am an African giant pouched rat. I am no standard rat however because I save lives! I am a herorat, trained to sniff out unexploded landmines in Africa. Every 20 minutes someone is killed or injured by a landmine. Often they are children. My job is to find the mines before the kids do.

Luckily, I have two great advantages over the children. The first is my nose: I can smell explosives even when they are underground. The second is my size: I am too light to set off the mines. As a mine detector, I have other advantages too. I am cheap – I work for peanuts. I am easy to train and I don’t mind repetitive tasks. When trained, I can clear 100 square metres in 30 minutes.

You should probably know that I am a young male rat (I am still baby) and that I live in Tanzania where I’m bred especially to become a herorat. This is great because it means we can grow through my training together. My trainer Shaibu will send you regular reports of my progress toward certification.

I promise to do my best to make you proud of me. With your support, I am sure I will soon be out there finding mines and, most important of all, saving the lives and limbs of kids and innocent adults.

Thank you.

Love & Whiskers

Ziko (inky paw!)

As you can tell, Ziko and his mates are doing a very important job. And you can help them! For only EUR 5.00 a month (that would be about £ 4.00) you can adopt a Hero Rat as well. Mind you, if you can afford more than EUR 5.00, nobody will complain!

For more information about the project and to adopt a hero rat, please click on the picture below:

Help if you can! Spread the word!

Disclaimer: “Hero Rats” is the charity of choice of the webmaster, not of Jack Davenport. We don’t know if he likes rats. Should there ever be Hero Hamsters, we’ll promote them as well. Cheers!

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Considering the colour-combinations of that shirt,
“Murder on the Dancefloor” is getting a whole new meaning…

Three new pictures here.

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You might remember our various entries about the “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition by Cambridge Jones at the Getty Images Gallery in London, in connection with “Barnardo’s”, the charity promoting adoption in the UK.

Thanks to Dora, we can now share two more pictures of Jack Davenport with and without the two cute bairns:

(c) Cambridge Jones

Btw. in reply to a frequently asked question: we have no idea if those photographs are up for sale. They probably were during the exhibition.

And now for something completely different.

Facebook is, without a doubt, a fantastic place if you get your kicks from zombyfiing people or throwing sheep after them. However, we’re not there, and we have no intention to get an account. So there’s no Sparky on facebook, bebo, faceparty, twitter, vox or myspace. Especially not on myspace. You couldn’t be less on myspace than we are. Thanks!

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