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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

“Will Jack Davenport be the new Doctor Who?”

I’m very sorry, dear Whosians; I understand that you want to know, but I don’t have the foggiest. I don’t know it. I sort of kind of like the idea of Jack Davenport as Doctor Who, but I really can’t help you.  Please don’t send me further mails with inquiries. I’m just a pixel juggler; I don’t have a red phone on the desk with a direct line to Sparky Davenport or his agent. And if some person on some message board claims to know for certain who’ll be No. 11, said person is talking right out of the place where the sun never shines but the winds always blows.


Next item on the agenda of internet rumours:

“Will Norrington return in PotC4?”

Again: I have no idea. If there should be a fourth movie in the franchise (1- 3 made shiploads of money, so it’s likely), sky’s the limit. And who knows, maybe there will even be a script this time…


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Parlez-vous British?

“Finding Dad”

New and classic tales that reveal the best and worst aspects of the British abroad.

By Rob Green.

A Londoner suspects that his real father may not be the one he has known all his life. Could he, indeed, be a foreigner?

BBC, Radio 4, Monday, 10th November, 3.30pm.
Read by Jack Davenport.

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The London Film Festival, which runs from 15 October to 30 October, brings you a video featuring Jack Davenport talking about the legendary American actor James Stewart. Two great actors in one video – who could ask for more?

Just click the pic.

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This just in:

Swingtown will be re-airing all of its 13 episodes on Friday, October 24th on Bravo following The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” The full schedule is below. No mention as of yet if the marathon will be the only time Swingtown is re-aired. It is believed that CBS will be watching very closely how it does on Bravo.

Molly Parker and Jack Davenport as Susan and Bruce Miller in “Swingtown”

12:00 PM “Pilot”
01:00 PM “Love Will Find A Way”
02:00 PM “Double Exposure”
03:00 PM “Cabin Fever”
04:00 PM “Go Your Own Way”
05:00 PM “Friends With Benefits”
06:00 PM “Heatwave”
07:00 PM “Puzzlerama”
08:00 PM “Swingus Interruptus”
09:00 PM “Running On Empty”
10:00 PM “Get Down Tonight”
11:00 PM “Surprise”
12:00 PM “Take It To The Limit”

Mark the date in your calendar and stock up on the popcorn!

Special thanks to Dnique for the information. Sparky’s waggin’!

And now I’m curious what The Unreal Housewives of Atlanta are like…

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No, this is not the title of a documentary about the current global finance crisis. It’s an animated short Jack Davenport was/is involved with. Kudos to Vandelsira for finding this!


A black comedy set in insane asylum at the end of the 19th century, where the crazy are strong and the sane are witless. Starring the voices of Helen Baxendale, Jack Davenport and Simon Pegg. For release in 2007. 30 mins 35mm. 1:1.85. A co-production with Big Bang, Montreal. Written and directed by Gili Dolev.


The trailer looks absolutely amazing; a shame it seems to be one of those projects which started out well and then went the way of the dodo, or which were only available to a handful of people. Seeing how “Psychotica” was produced in 2006 and supposed to be released in 2007, we can assume the characters of Psychotica are sitting somewhere in a pub, getting plastered with the Hungry Hamsters.

There’s an official website; no content there, though.

Hey, short movie makers, be it of hamsters or inmates or whatever: how about selling your movies as downloads if you can’t show them anywhere? Yes, yes, I know, not artsy enough, but it’s a pity to see so many promising projects just disappear, and as much as I love them, breakable 78rpm’s have gone out of fashion, too.

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We can already promise you that we’ll have a little surprise here on “Good Boy, Sparky!” for you in connection with the release of the DVD, so stay tuned, but for now, we have some eye candy:

It’s with great pleasure that we notice the present of our favourite shirt on the cover. Interesting side note: it still says “the first season”. They enjoy keeping us confused.

What will the DVD offer, aside from the obvious?

– New audio commentaries

– Special features about music, costumes and sets

– Featurette “The Spirit of ’76 – The Making of Swingtown”

– Featurette “Have A Nice Revolution – Sex and Morality in 1970’s America”

– Even more audio commentaries

– Gag Reel

– Deleted Scene

You can pre-order “Swingtown: The First Season” here from Amazon.

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