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Bells are jingling, dreidls spinning, yule logs burning – and Good Boy, Sparky! will go on a (hopefully) well-deserved holiday hiatus. We’ll be back in the new year, continuing to deliver Jack Davenport news to your virtual doorstep. Thanks a lot for your support; we’ve had over 100’000 visitors so far and running the website is lots of fun.

Have wonderful holidays, and a blessed New Year!


I love making presents and I don’t really mind getting them. Let the Yule times roll! But do really all 7890238530 relatives and friends need yet another stand-around and get-in-the-way? Not really – so why not make your folks happy and donate to a charity in their name? Most of us are skint these days, I’m no exception, but buying that extra-tin for the local food bank should still be an option. Or contact your local animal shelter and ask what they need – “every little helps”, and it doesn’t have to be friggin’ salmon.

Personal (means: not endorsed by Jack Davenport) charity selection of the webmaster:

Médécins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)
MSF is my number 1 charity: an independent humanitarian medical aid agency committed to two objectives: providing medical aid wherever needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or sex and raising awareness of the plight of the people we help.

This project in Morocco helps street children, working children, abandoned children, juvenile delinquents and sexually exploited children. If you’d like to make a donation: the bank account number can be found at the very bottom of the start page. Site is available in French, English (incomplete) and Arab.

Hero Rats
HeroRATS are trained sniffer rats that detect explosives (landmines) and diagnose diseases (tuberculosis) in Tanzania and Mosambique.

Children in Need
The mission of Children in Need is to positively change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

The BBC Charity Appeal


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No, not us – the brand new TV series “Flash Forward”. That was quick! And it’s not in pink, which is a plus. Pink, lilac and all other questionable colours are already covered by us, after all. Click on the link below and bookmark the site for all things “Flash Forward” – it looks like the place to find all the information you’d need:

“FlashForwardTV is a fansite created 14 December 2008 by the same people who brought to you Lost-TV, the first fansite dedicated to the ABC hit series Lost. FlashForwardTV aims to bring the latest news and information on the show until it finally airs.”

See, that’s professional. I think we need some catchy slogan for “Good Boy, Sparky!” as well. How about “The Unofficial Jack Davenport Website – Promoting Questionable Fashion Sense Since 2008”?

Jack Davenport will be in the pilot for 30 seconds, by the way. They cater to my low attention span.

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Order now for a real true swingin’ stocking filler! Or for those moments when you really can’t stomach yet another Christmas movie.



Please remember that this DVD is in Region 1 Code!

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It rocks and rolls and looks good! No Jack, though. Boo!

THE BOAT THAT ROCKED – first trailer

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News can be found in the most obscure sources – for example in the “Car Clinic” column over at The Sunday Times.

“(…) I bought it over the phone from a film director in Ealing who had used it as a prop in a film starring Dexter Fletcher, David Soul and Jack Davenport. I drove it for a few months, couldn’t afford its thirst and sold it for 300% profit.

Until this letter I hadn’t given it or the film a second thought. I’ve discovered it was called Three Men in a Restaurant and was about three no-hopers trying to make a film. It has since had its name changed to That Deadwood Feeling and is due to hit cinemas next year, complete with Cadillac. (…)”

Don’t ask me about cars, I don’t even own a driving license. And if I had one, I’d drive a 1948s Citroën deux-chevaux (commonly known as “The Duck”) – a green one, of course – or a VW Beetle. Anyway, of course this made me scratch my head for various reasons:

Looks like a canard, doesn’t it? But wait…

Amazon UK takes preorders for the “That Deadwood Feeling” DVD, to be released on 16 March, 2009!

Houston, we’re having a “quoi?!” moment.


What’s the secret behind “Deadwood”?
Did the Cadillac audition for the job?
And if “Deadwood” should really hit the cinemas – would the cinemas hit back?

So many questions, so little time…

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According to the latest news from Reuters, Joseph Fiennes has been cast as the lead in ABC’s new series “Flash Forward”. John Cho (*wolfwhistles*) is in negotiations as his co-star.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be over there, steamrollin’ “Shakespeare in Love” DVDs.

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“(…) And my wife Carolyn is over the moon, because Jack Davenport, whom she has had a big crush on since he starred as Steve in the British sitcom Coupling, is playing Lloyd Simcoe. (…)”

Yes, yes, I know, probably not the most relevant news, but come on – awww! Take a chair, Carolyn, have a cuppa and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of sofa parasites.

For the more serious fans: according to Robert J. Sawyer, filming for the pilot will begin in nine weeks and start on 19 February, 2009, in Los Angeles.

( source )

In further news, I’ve updated the website with the latest news (Hungry Hamsters, Psychotica, Flash Forward) and tried to get this blog here into a Yuleishchristmassy mood. Don’t whinge, at least I didn’t put up illuminated reindeer or sparkly Santas…

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