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The official website for “The Boat That Rocked” has been updated and offers now plenty of goodies. No love for Sparky, though – not even a measly buddy icon (yes, “buddy icons”. This is movie is retro, after all!) ūüėČ

Jack Davenport is in the trailer, though. And in Mr. Dormandy’s picture gallery, in the elevator with Kenneth Branagh. So let’s not whinge complain. Click the pic to get to the official website, which looks really neat and stylish, plus offers interesting content. Two thumbs up!
It would have been three if there was a wallpaper of Mr. Twatt. Really – we’d found a third thumb somewhere.

boat-web-logo1Ah, I just see poor Mr. Twatt got stuck in the elevator… no problem. We’ve freed him! Alan Freed, hah!

Kenneth Branagh, Sinead Matthews and Jack Davenport in “The Boat That Rocks”

What else is new?


“(…) Radio Caroline‚Äôs Breakfast jock Tony Paul caught up with actor Bill Nighy recently in Hollywood and persuaded him to give Caroline listeners the inside scoop in his upcoming movie The Boat That Rocked. (…)”

So you can stop asking – but please note: no guarantee whatsoever for the correctness of these dates!

UK 1 April 2009
Australia 9 April 2009
Germany 16 April 2009
Netherlands 16 April 2009
Austria 17 April 2009
Denmark 17 April 2009
Finland 17 April 2009
Norway 17 April 2009
Sweden 17 April 2009
Belgium 22 April 2009
France 22 April 2009
Russia 30 April 2009
Argentina 28 May 2009
Brazil 29 May 2009
Spain 29 May 2009
Turkey 19 June 2009

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If a trailer is considered too rude to be up on a decent site, you can bet your arse backside it will be up on mine.

Nick Frost, I herewith forgive you the sock-incident.
We’re on the same sheet here.
Or boat.

And just to get into the mood for “The Boat That Rocked”:

Pirate BBC Essex 729, 765 & 1530MW – the ship is coming in!

“Back by popular demand, the award-winning Pirate BBC Essex returns to the airwaves this Easter (10-13 April) for a four-day broadcast.”

“The vessel’s bridge will be converted into a radio studio from where Pirate BBC Essex will broadcast on 729, 765 and 1530 MW and on bbc.co.uk/essex from 7am on Good Friday (10 April).”

“Thousands of sixties pirate radio fans will be able to get within a few feet of the fun and action.”

“The vessel that hosts the four-day broadcast is a star in its own right as it is featured in the new film The Boat That Rocked, written and directed by Richard Curtis and starring Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans and Kenneth Branagh.”

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Just when I was about to get suspicious that they might have cut him out of the movie… a new trailer comes along, which doesn’t only bring us the gorgeous Talulah Riley and Nick Frost (there’s not enough bleach in the world to make me unsee those socks. I love you Nick, really, but those socks are the type of stuff inspiring Stephen King…),


but also

finally some scenes with Jack Davenport. About friggin’ time!

He looks like Agent Smith in “The Matrix”, which is A Very Good Thing. Hugo Weaving was the only reason why I suffered through “Matrix 2: The Fail” and “Matrix 3: The Failship”.

(Introduction by Nick Frost)






Kenneth Branagh and Jack Davenport in “The Boat That Rocks”.

Then there’s Rhys Ifans, of course. Yesss…


What can I say? “CHEERS!”


Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the official “The Boat That Rocks” website:


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Step one: don’t block our email address if you want a reply to your question…

Step two: read this.

Step three: enclosing postage if you live outside of the UK is easy. You can buy international reply coupons at your local post office and send them along with your letter and your pictures:

Info by the US postal services

If you take your envelope with you, they can tell you exactly how many coupons you’ll need to send along. Same procedure for every other country outside of the UK.

Good luck!


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Jackdavenport¬†¬† dot¬†¬† net, once a dedicated fansite with pictures and information galore, is no more, as most of you know (well, you wouldn’t be here, otherwise).

As expected, the cybersquatters moved in as soon as the original registrars moved out. A biography of¬† Jack Davenport is now online, complete with picture. However, it’s nothing but a vehicle for advertising (in this case for an “instant cash” provider):


Very clever. Not.

Folks, please don’t give companies doing such dishonest business any exposure. They leech from the reputation the original website built up over the years among the fans.¬† That aside, I really doubt Jack Davenport or his agent endorsed this…

If you still have a link to jackdavenport¬† dot¬† net up on your site or blog in the hope that the old site might return: now’s the time to take it down. Don’t give them hits, don’t help them make money.

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