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Confess – who of ye oul’ scallawags is responsible for that?


Jack “Sparky” Davenport… good thing we didn’t go for “Good Boy, Fifi!”, isn’t it…!


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Being in the pilot for only 30 seconds might not be a lot, but if the other 29 seconds look like this one, the fans will very likely not complain…


Jack Davenport in "Flash Forward"

Here’s the trailer to go with it. I can’t embed it because ABC wants to know the username and password of this account here to add the widget – HELL, NO! Over my dead body. So just


Promo shots are slowly beginning to trickle in; the biography of Jack’s character “Lloyd Simcoe”, isn’t up on the Official ABC Flash Forward website yet, but the folks over on SpoilerTV have the picture to go with it:


Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe in ABC's new show "Flash Forward"

According to ABC, “Flash Forward” will be aired this autumn (or “fall”, for our friends across the pond) on Thursdays, 8-9pm, before “Grey’s Anatomy”. For further news, check out FlashForwardTV from time to time (I’m not involved with the site, I’m only a lazy git who’s happy to have a place where I can direct people to).

No idea yet if “Flash Forward” will come to Europe or not. However, looking at the great number of British stars, at least one of ABC’s eyes is probably firmly set on the European market. It’s still early days. ABC does offer episodes of its shows online; can’t tell you if Flash Forward will be available to us Europeans, though.

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Good boy, Sparky!

Good boy, Sparky!

With the announcement that “Flash Forward” will be picked up by ABC, interest in the show and those involved with it has gone through the roof. Folks are googling for “Jack Davenport” like there’s no tomorrow, and many of them end up on “Good Boy, Sparky!” – which is neat. However, there’s only so much updating a dog can do (it’s not easy typing with dewclaws, I tell you!), so if you’re looking for an in-depth coverage of “Flash Forward”, I’d recommend that you bookmark the various “Flash Forward” websites that are popping up all over the net. The first and, as far as I can tell, most comprehensive one is listed in the sidebar of this blog.

With increased interest comes increased correspondence. Now, I check mail for “Good Boy, Sparky!” about once a week, and I reply whenever I find the time. This website here is hobby, not a full-time job. So thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Some important bits about the website and the way I run it for the newbies, because I got some mails indicating that some folks might mix up Jack Davenport with Zac Efron. Of course I’m always grateful for information on new projects by Jack Davenport, be it big screen, small screen or stage, pictures in magazines etc. This site wouldn’t exist if there weren’t so many wonderful people who contribute to it, after all! However…

  • Private life is private and has to stay private. I firmly believe in the Fourth Wall, and I’m not interested in publishing any kind of gossip or pictures that invade the privacy of Jack Davenport.
  • In my opinion, placing flaming bags of dog turds in front of Paparazzi’s front doors should be an official discipline at the Olympics.
  • You can use all screencaps on this website for icons and artwork, you don’t have to ask first, no credit is needed. Have fun, just don’t hotlink, please.
  • This website is fun, not serious business. I update when I find the time and if I feel it’s of interest. I’m lazy by nature and don’t have the ambition to create the most complete archive of Sparkiness on the internet.
  • I absolutely don’t mind if somebody wants to set up another Jack Davenport website. There’s no such thing as a Davenport-Monopoly. The more, the merrier.

Have fun with the website – woof!

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Various sources on the internet, among them Playbill, have informed that Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones’s Diary is being adapted as a stage musical.

According to a report in London’s Daily Mail, Fielding has been working on the book for the musical for several months, though no director, composer or cast are yet attached. But at a private reading of the work-in-progress of the book, held recently in London, it is reported that Jack Davenport played the Grant role of Daniel Cleaver, and Victoria Wood and Hary Enfield were also featured in a variety of roles.

While I’d love to see an adaption of BJD that does not include Renée Zellweger features Jack Davenport (I think he’d do a fantastic job in the role of Daniel Cleaver), there are two bits about this information which take down the excitement a peg or two:

  1. The quoted source is the Daily Fail. Which is a failpaper on failprint written by failporters.
  2. “Stage Musical”. Which probably means that singing is involved.


    Jack Davenport.

    *scratches head*

    Oh well. I’m watching the Eurovision Song Contest right now, there are people who’d do worse…

Still, it would be hilarious and awesome, and I’d be first in line for tickets, so let’s all keep an eye on this…

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ABC have put the website for Flash Forward online.


It’s pretty bland looking, but there are some footage and character biographies (not for Jack Davenport’s character, though. Boo, hiss!), a message board and a synopsis. As with most other shows, you’ll be probably best served by sticking to the fansites, which are more dedicated.

The pilot seems to be scheduled for autumn.

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Because there’s no escape…

… I’ve added a feed for https://goodboysparky.wordpress.com to Dreamwidth. You can add it to your reading list here:


If you’d like to add a feed of the news blog elsewhere:


The feed on LJ is here:


PLEASE REMEMBER: If you leave a comment on a goodboysparky-feed anywhere on the internet, I will not know. I don’t get a notification, no red phone is ringing, there won’t be angels heralding the news. So if you don’t get a reply, it’s because I simply didn’t know you left a comment.


PS: Thanks for asking, but there’s no way I’ll ever get a Twitter account. I’m a grumpy old internet dinosaur, and I have every intention to stay one. Woof!

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Here’s the first official promo shot that includes Jack Davenport. Click the small pic to see the big one.


The cast of "Flash Forward"

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank ABC for keeping Jack Davenport’s outfits in tune (in tone?) with this website’s colour scheme. It’s much appreciated… 😉

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