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“If I tell you anything small Disney ninja assassins may abseil into the building and kill us,” says Davenport, as he orders coffee in his new home town of Venice, California.

Is he happy with the new fame?

Davenport says he shies away from amplifying his public profile. “You need people to forget about you. Being a good actor is partly about doing a disappearing act.”

Playing a leading part in this season’s most-hyped new show on US television = disappearing act? Hm. Well, maybe we can help him out there:


Groucho Davenport as Lloyd Marx in "Flash Forward at the Opera".

Jack Davenport also talks about the lack of creative ambition in British TV drama:

“We really are at the sharp end of multiculturalism: it’s a tiny country and people from all over the world now live in the UK. From a dramatist’s point of view, what a brilliant stew of stuff to explore,” he says. “And yet, you know, it’s all about The X Factor. We can mine Charles Dickens’s back catalogue for a little while longer, but there’s a reluctance to commission things that hold a mirror up to nature. I think we’re missing a trick.”

So, in conclusion:

Given the state of British television, though, it is equally unlikely that he’ll be rushing back to London soon.



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Two bags of popcorn – check.

Four bottles of cider – check.

Chocolate – check.

Ice cream – check.

Yes, we’re ready and prepared for Flash Forward! Bring it on, Sparky!


“Flash Forward” will premier in the UK on 28 September, 2009, on FIVE at 9pm. Don’t miss it!

Everybody and their dogs (and probably even their gerbils) have written reviews and analyses of the pilot, which aired earlier this week in the USA. I picked one review for you which I found just the type of review I enjoy. Also, the author has an excellent taste.

FlashForward: Lost, in a Dream World
by Genevieve Valentine

“(…) Dear England, thanks for lending us so many of your fine character actors for this! We’ll give them back when we’re finished. (…)”

You better!!!

“Genevieve Valentine doesn’t see why anyone would be upset by a flashforward that shows them dating Jack Davenport.” – Nor do we, my dear, nor do we. If you’d  like to visit her LJ, you can do so here.

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24 September, 8pm ET,

on ABC!

Be there or be square. 😉


And to get you into the mood:
Jack Davenport, courtesy  “hollywoodoutbreak” –
explaining why he wasn’t at Comic Con.

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“Good Boy, Sparky!” is currently experiencing a lot of traffic – no surprise, with the première of “Flash Forward” just around the corner! Pages might take longer to load than usual, and at the moment, I can’t make any updates.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, you can help a little dog out by NOT hitting F5 a gazillion of times – the page won’t load faster, there’s only more load on the server and things will slow down even more.

In the meantime, have some Sparky:

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I finally sat down and updated the website. You’ll find changes and updates in all corners, most important one the updated “Flash Forward page and the addition of the gallery to go with it. The biography’s up-to-date as well now, and all over the site, you will encounter “coming soon” icons in the galleries. This means that I have the screencaps for the movie/tv show in question, but haven’t sorted them out yet. You may expect several updates within the next two weeks.

Click the icons to get to the gallery:




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Three new pictures of Jack Davenport in “Flash Forward” have surfaced. They are from the second episode of season one – “White to Play”.
Special thanks to the lovely picture-fairy who unearthed them.


Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe in ABC's "Flash Forward"

ff_002 ff_003

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“Flash Forward” will premier on FIVE on Monday, 28 September, 9pm.

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