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Hamilton Hodell, the agency representing Jack Davenport, has updated its website. If you’d like to see Jack’s overhauled official page, you can do so here:


I also kindly ask you to read their new “Fans” page, which will answer all your questions regarding autographs, interviews, charity appeals etc.


In other news: some of you have mailed in the information that Jack Davenport would be in this play. I have no information concerning this event; it’s very much possible that it’s a different Jack Davenport (the Davenportses, they are everywhere!). This should not keep anybody from going and watching the play, though.

Also, I’m still down at the vets for the time being (having my claws clipped and everything), so I have to ask you for some patience when it comes to updates of the website. Frank is working really hard behind the scenes, just give us some time. Thanks!


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You know what I really dislike about Jack Davenport’s relocation to the USA? It takes twenty times more work to get information. And when something finally lands on my desk, it’s outdated. So this news from L.A. Theatre Works is not really “news”, as “Henceforward” by Sir Alan Ayckbourn, the radio play in question, was already aired on 1st of January. But at least you got the chance to get it streamed on demand, so it’s not non-news.

A reclusive composer hopes to reunite with his estranged wife and daughter, hoping their reconciliation will allow him to create his greatest musical masterpiece. But his own erratic impulses hinder his journey to creative freedom.

Starring Jared Harris as Jerome, and Anne Heche as Nan in Act One and Corinna. With Moira Quirk, Paula Jane Newman, Darren Richardson, and Jack Davenport.

Directed by Martin Jarvis

Listen to it here:



Regarding the website: new screencaps and interviews will follow soon. You may not see it at the moment, but Frank and the pixels are slaving away behind the scenes. Thanks for your patience!

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