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There’s a time for words, and there’s a time for action. Looking at the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, now’s the time for the latter.

Fans have proved to be very generous people in the past; the help_haiti auction alone raised close to 115’000 dollars. help_japan has just started, and already there are hundreds, if not thousands of auctions you can bid on. “Payment” if you win an auction will be made in form of a direct donation to a charity (Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, ShelterBox etc.), so whatever you donate, it will go directly to the charity in question.

We’re only dogs, but we’d like to contribute our share as well, and so we’re put something up for you to bid on as well.

Just click the link below to have a look at the offer or make a bid:

Chocolate, cookies, cards, pictures, souvenirs, fun stuff and just anything you could be interested in.

If you have questions, please have a look at help_japan’s FAQ.

Please spread the word, and thank you in advance for your support. We don’t have the slightest doubt that the people of Japan will rebuild their country in time, but right now, they can do with a little help from their friends.


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A considerable number of people have approached us during the last year and asked where they can find us on Facebook / if we are on Facebook. You can’t find Good Boy, Sparky! on Facebook because we don’t have one. Opinions on Facebook differ greatly here in the doghouse; it’s a classic Marmite-situation (hate it or love it).

Frank thinks
… that Facebook is the best invention since canned spaghetti, that it’s a great tool to connect people and promote the website. That aside, everybody is on Facebook. Frank’s a tech-savvy dog, so he’s convinced he could navigate the dangerous waters of FB without any dangers for involved dogs.

Sparky thinks
… canned spaghetti are pointless, and the same goes for Facebook. Sparky has major privacy, security and copyright concerns, and doesn’t really see the point of connecting with people on FB when they can just click a link and read the same content they’d get on Facebook here on this blog or the website.

Of course we could argue for a couple of months longer, but as this is the People’s Republic of Sparky, we thought we’ll ask for your opinion. Facebook aye or nay, folks? Have your say.

The poll is up for a week, so please, vote away. Once it’s finished, we’ll have a look at the numbers and then make a decision.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" "No! No! No!" "Yes! Yes! Yes!" "No! No! No!" "Yes!" "No!" "Grrr!" "Snarl!"

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The only “games” I have on my computer are the ones that are pre-installed, but the new trailer for the Lego video game of “Pirates of the Caribbean” looks like great fun. I might give into temptation and order it; my inner 12 year old would greatly approve!

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s what our dear Norrington will look like as a Lego figure:

Quite a dashing gentleman – brickleman? – if I may say so!

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Jack Davenport was born on 1st March, 1973.

This means he’s 5 1/2 dog years old today – congratulations!

My, how time flies...!

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