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Do you think it’s a bit of a “Smash” overkill lately? Yeah, we can see how you’d feel that way. Here, have a baby otter.

Better? Good, then you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that Jack Davenport has made it on the cover of TV Guide Magazine!

But wait, there’s more – the cover comes with a brand new “Behind the Scenes” video and lots of Jack Davenport!

Have fun!

Once again, very special thanks to LulubellNYC and all the other gentle souls who keep us updated.


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Not that we’re complaining about the sudden influx in Jack Davenport-related news – on the contrary! But how on earth are two li’l dogs supposed to keep track of everything? I mean – try and type with paws! Maybe we should hire a secretary. Frank mentioned a lovely dachshund lady called Daisy who might be available.

Looking at some of the mails in our mailbox, we better ask Rocky the Rottweiler to help us out. Chill, folks! It’s only a TV show, and it’s not even on telly yet. Nobody here is involved with the production of the show, so yelling at us is a waste of time. We understand that it’s important to you that you feel “Smash” is a cheap rip-off of “Glee” or that you think Jack Davenport has the acting skills of a gerbil. But we’re just random dogs on the internet, and the only things we’re interested in are Royal Canin No. 25 and  Almo Nature with Tuna. By all means, start a flamewar with animated gifs and lolcats and sparkly font and trollface somewhere on tumbler if you must, but stop spamming us. It will only get you your IP address blocked.

Back on topic: more news and articles about and on and with Jack Davenport!

Brittany Frederick @ starpulse.com

“I really don’t feel I’ve seen this on television before, this world explored like this, and explored very authentically as well,” he tells me, adding that his interest in the project was “partly to do with what it wasn’t. There’s absolutely a place for, and I am a great fan of, many shows in which people are either armed or wearing white coats or pleading for clemency from a judge – but there’s plenty of them and plenty of terrific ones. If I don’t have to do that for now, that would be kind of lovely.”

Behind-the-scenes video @ etonline.com

And another video…

… and one more review:


NBC has a rare gem here with Smash and if they boggle it like they have other shows in the past it can be the nail in the coffin for NBC or if they leave alone and support it like other networks do their own shows it has the potential of becoming a flagship show and undoubtedly NBC’s most talked about show in over a decade.


As the show unfolds I can’t help but imagine fans of the show playing out a Twilight-like scenario with “Team-Karen” or “Team-Ivy”.

Good grief…

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First there were two articles on “Smash”, then three, then thirty – and now we’re burried under an avalance of articles, interviews, trailers, behind-the-scenes clips, pictures and spoilers. The stats for the website tell us that interest in Jack Davenport has skyrocketed, and if the promotion for “Smash” continues at this speed, Sparky and Frank will need Barry the Big St. Bernhard to rescue them from this news avalanche!

Jack Davenport as Derek Wills in NBC’s “Smash”


The “Smash” pilot is currently available on youtube, alas only for the people in the US. Ah, country restrictions – so sensible on the WORLDWIDE web.


You can also support the Apple Core of Evil and download the pilot on iTunes, here.

So who is that Derek Wills, the man we’ll love to hate? Jack Davenport will tell you; just click the cap below to watch the video:

“Good Boy, Sparky!”

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A message from your friendly neighbourhood webmaster:

Disclaimer: the following statement represents the personal views of the webmaster only.

Maybe some of you have heard of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), a bill backed by the Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, Macmillan US, Viacom and many other. However, it wouldn’t stop online piracy at all, but instead devastate the economy and social texture of the internet, implement a system of censorship and give big businesses a powerful and dangerous tool to influence the internet and its users.

In short, SOPA is a thorn in the side of anybody who’s doing more on the internet than checking the weather.

What would SOPA do?

Let’s assume one of you guys posts a video of a news clip you’ve recorded off CNN and uploaded to Youtube to your wall on Facebook, to your Livejournal, posts a link to it on Twitter or embeds it in a comment here. So far, if the copyright holder felt that you infringed their copyright, they’d have come after you. With SOPA, they’ll come after the website. So Youtube, Facebook, Livejournal, Twitter or, hey, goodboysparky.net could be blacklisted or taken down because somebody linked to a movie clip or a music video. Or a picture. Or anything else considered “copyrighted”. In a nutshell: you couldn’t link to websites anymore, unless you were 100% certain that nobody had posted any material or a link to material that infringes copyright there before.

Sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Wikipedia, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Etsy, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc. could all be held responsible for the content posted by their customers and, as a consequence, very likely cease to exist. This would mean the end of the internet as we know it, because the “net” part is linking, and most sites couldn’t exist under SOPA. Creativity, expression of free thought and criticism would be silenced.

To protest SOPA and the attempted censorship of the internet behind it, I’ll join in Reddit, Boing Boing, Wikipedia and many others in their Stop SOPA & PIPA Day tomorrow. All websites that I maintain will go dark on 18th January.

You shall not pass!

For those busy and with little time: WATCH THE VIDEO

WHAT IS SOPA? @ Reddit


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We hope you’ve spent the holidays in the most pleasant way and that you’ve arrived in 2012 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even if you shouldn’t happen to be squirrels. “Good Boy, Sparky!” has undergone a bit of winter cleaning, and all pages should now be up-to-date. We’ve added some pictures to the Smash gallery and some pictures for The Key Man – very special thanks and a big, rattling applause for all those fans who have been providing us with all good things Sparky!

With the première of “Smash” just around the corner, you have now the chance to enjoy a great number of interviews, public appearances, videos and pictures of Jack Davenport and the “Smash” cast. There’s a big buzz around the show, and when Jack spoke at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour for NBC Universal in Pasadena, California yesterday, he even managed to become a trending topic on Twitter – world-domination is just a few episodes away.

I wonder if he got an electrostatic carpet sweeper for Christmas…

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