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For those moments when “Smash” is not on the tube… (means: until season two, because NBC picked up the show. Woohoo woofwoof!)

MIX Morning Show with Jay & Storm


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User @jackDavenport_ is not Jack Davenport. Twitter verifies accounts; that account is not verified, it’s not Jack Davenport, end of.

I do get roleplaying, but that crosses the line. There’s a massive twit who impersonated Jack Davenport, obviously believable enough to even fool his mates. Not for long, though.

If any of you should have received PMs from Jack Fakenport, do not reply. Block, ignore. And do not, under any circumstances, share any personal information.

The internet is great, but PLEASE, BE SUSPICIOUS! If I’d get a quid for every “Jack Davenport”, “close friend of Jack”, “Random Relative” or “ex-lover” who’s contacted me in the past, I could afford to buy my cats Sheba.

Hacks, trolling, fakeronis – this is becoming rather tedious.

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From small acorns mighty oaks grow …

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