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Good Boy, Sparky! will be updated this weekend and undergo some changes which will hopefully improve performance. So from Friday to Sunday you may encounter the 404 page of doom. No worries, all is fine, and things should be up and smoking running again come Monday.

Unbeknown to most, Sparky Davenport used to be the Marlboro Man



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Yesterday, the filming of Smash‘s second season officially ended. With the show’s ratings coming in at an all-time low, it’s unlikely that the show will be renewed by NBC for a third season.

On a brighter note, Jack’s next project, a six-part TV medical drama called¬†Breathless, begins production in London next month. So he’s staying busy, and that’s a very good thing!

Here are some photos of him from yesterday during Smash’s final shoot. (Take note of the nice comment made about him by one of the actresses on set.)

Jack Davenport and Krysta Rodriguez at the set of 'Smash' in NYC552600_original553459_original


Good luck to Jack and the rest of the Smash cast as they go their separate ways. And let’s all enjoy Smash, season 2!


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For today’s milestone birthday (the big 4-O), we have a message for Jack:



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