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Just when you thought it wouldn’t happen, I settled in front of the laptop with a bowl of dog biscuits and updated Good Boy, Sparky. Yes, we’re up-to-date again, with all shows listed and galleries online (even the one for Mother’s Milk!)

Did you know that Good Boy, Sparky consists of 101 individual pages? It’s no surprise my paws are smoking.

Talking about smoking…


By the way:


Yes, Good Boy, Sparky! is now five years old! If we were kids, we’d have to go to school now, but luckily we’re dogs, so Gove can go and suck a lemon (that’s an insider bit for UK readers). Anyway, this calls for a big celebration, and what could be more fun than help somebody in need? That’s why we teamed up with the webgnomes over at Unofficial Damian O’Hare (who had their big birthday last year and who kindly host Good Boy, Sparky! free of charge and only very mild occasional snarking) to drum up funds for our new charity of choice :


Up to 700,000 children arrive at school too hungry to learn every day. Magic Breakfast works with primary schools across the UK with the aim to make sure every child has access to the right fuel for learning to reach their full potential. Go to www.magicbreakfast.com for more details.


The link goes to our shared Just Giving page. If you have a spare quid or two, please consider donating (they also accept other currencies!) – thanks so much in advance for your support of this important cause. Here’s to the next five years!



(We continue to support charity Hero Rat privately, by the way, so no worries, they won’t lose out on anything).


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This morning at the University of East Anglia, Jack was granted an honorary doctorate of letters from his alma mater. You can get all the details HERE.



Congratulations to Dr. Davenport!

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