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This just in: Jack Davenport will star in a yet unnamed comedy thingy for HBO next to Sarah Silverman. It’s written by Secret Diary Of A Call Girl *cue eerie organ music* creator Lucy Prebble.


Jude (Silverman) is a “pathologically honest woman” having a modern midlife crisis. Blake (Davenport) is a “broken Brit” (so he’s on a zero hours contract?) who ends up in a relationship with Jude, despite getting caught up in his own virtual reality in Seattle. – Quoi?

More news as we get it.



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Jack Davenport talks about his role as Lancelot in “Kingsman: Secret Service” at the New York Premiere of the movie.


And another soundbite!


Thanks to Karen for the tip!

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And we even stuck to our deadline!

Good Boy, Sparky! is online again, and we hope you will like the new look!


As you know, the main reason for the move was to simplify the maintenance of the website for yours truly. Good Boy, Sparky! is now wordpress-based, which makes it a little less colourful, but updating waaaaay easier and faster for me (I can even update it from my smartphone!), and it comes with additional features for you. There’s a handy search box and drop-down menues (which you don’t have to use, the good old text-based links are still there).

The filmography is now up-to-date as well, with all the latest projects listed, as are the galleries.

The individual pages have changed, though, but with the new layout, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find what you’re looking for, as the 404 page of doom will provide you with the menu. It will take a while for Google bots et all to index the new pages, but never mind.

Though we have checked the whole site three times over, it’s possible that you might encounter errors. In that case, we’d be really grateful for a heads-up.

Sooo… all that’s left for us to do now is wishing you “happy surfing!” and thanks for your patience. Now all we need is Jack Davenport to give us something to update!



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