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Not what you think!

While you’re waiting for news about the future of “Swingtown”, have some “Coupling”.


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36 screencaps of Jack Davenport as Harry Fairfield in the BBC production of Sheridan LeFanu’s “Wyvern Mystery”. The mystery-factor is low and the story so far-fetched that the import taxes were probably higher than the production costs, but the costumes are nice to look at. As is Jack Davenport.

Click the pic below to get to the “Wyvern Mystery” gallery – and please no hotlinking.


In addition to the gallery, we’ve unearthed an interview with Jack Davenport in the “Independent”, where he talks about “The Wyvern Mystery”, “This Life”, a brand-new sitcom called “Coupling” and pigs. Furthermore, it delights me to no end that Jack also likes Curly Wurlys. I feel less geeky now.


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One has to give Mr. Davenport credit for appearing in TV shows with catchy titles.

Two new pictures have been added to the SWINGTOWN GALLERY.

And because it was such a fun series and a couple of last season pictures have dropped into our mailbox, coming all the way from France (where the show is called “Six Sexy”). Merci bien, Ris!

Ten new pictures have been added to the COUPLING GALLERY.

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