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Finally a trailer for The Key Man! And you will not only get to see Jack Davenport, but also the great, the fantastic, the one and only Mitzi, Elrond, Hugo Weaving! Woo-hoo! Yeah! Applause!

And now for something completely different.

If you don’t need visuals: here is something while you wait for Jack Davenport to finally record a reading of the telephone book:


Written by: Ian Caldwell
Narrated by: Jack Davenport
Length: 15 hrs and 36 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
$ 22.67

In 2004, as Pope John Paul II’s reign enters its twilight, a mysterious exhibit is under construction at the Vatican Museums. A week before it is scheduled to open, its curator is murdered at a clandestine meeting on the outskirts of Rome. The same night a violent break-in rocks the home of the curator’s research partner, Father Alex Andreou, a Greek Catholic priest who lives inside the Vatican with his five-year-old son.



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This just in: Christian Borle will be responsible for the music in “Smash”.

AFTERELTON asks a just question:


And while it’s not often that AfterElton praises the inclusion of a homophobic character, here, Dererk, to be played by Flash Forward’s Jack Davenport, in this case, we’re happy to see it.

Having Derek be a straight homophobic choreographer not only gives Tom a foil with which to spar, thus giving him more potential storylines, it also deals with the fact that homophobia is still very much a part of American society. And having it be a supposedly sophisticated New Yorker, rather than a stereotypical rural or conservative character behave homophobically, gives it a fresh spin.

Fully agree with Michael Jensen there. It all depends on how this will be written, of course.
And anybody who knows fandom will prepare for a bazillion of “Derek coming out of the closet” fics…

Next: a new picture of “The Key Man” has surfaced!

Jack Davenport and Hugo Weaving in "The Key Man"

In further news, “Mother’s Milk” is rumoured to be out in spring (of 2011, until further notice…)

Hamilton and Hodell have added a show reel to Jack’s page.


And Frank has really earned his biscuits this week. The following pages have been updated:








Updates on interviews and print media will follow soon.

Good boy, Frankie!

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Thanks to iVillage, there’s a little more information on what “Smash” is going to be all about:


Each season, the characters will take on a different musical, with opening night arriving in the season finale. But don’t expect Les Miserables or Rent — the musicals will be all original.

My thoughts on Glee are similar to a vampire’s thoughts on garlic, but the concept of ‘Smash’ sounds interesting. I like the “new musical every season” bit; this should prevent the show from inflicting endlessly waltzed-out story archs on the audience. Bring on the Smash, I say!

From Smash to smashing – Jack Davenport and Hugo Weaving in one movie!Woohoo!

The screen dates/times for “The Key Man” at the SXSW Festival are now official:

Screening Time
Tuesday March 15
State Theatre
719 Congress Ave
Austin, Texas

Additional Screenings
Sunday March 13 7:00PM
Friday March 18 9:30PM

And last but not least: “Mother’s Milk” is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release.

Biography, filmography and contact on “Good Boy, Sparky!” have been updated, additional content will be added soon.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve all forgotten about this movie by now. I won’t blame you, so have I. But miracles do happen, my friends!


Movie listing

The festival takes place from 11th – 19th March, 2011. The date for the screening of “The Key Man” should be online very soon here.

Bobby Scheinman is an insurance salesman struggling to provide for his family. Enter Vincent and Irving, two con men who convince Bobby to join them for a simple moneymaking scheme that quickly spirals out of control.

Director: Peter Himmelstein

Cast: Jack Davenport, Hugo Weaving (yay!), Brian Cox, Judy Greer, Ben Shenkman

See? All good things come to those who wait. One day, of that I’m sure, we’ll also learn more about Jack’s latest project, “Mother’s Milk”. With a bit of luck, it will be before my retirement… ;>)

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2009 started with mails, questions and information. I’ll need some time to dig through this pile (lovely as it is), and within the next days, I’ll get the website up-to-date where needed. If you currently encounter longer loadtimes, then it’s due to the interest in Jack Davenport, which has skyrocketed since it was announced that he’ll be in “Fast Forward”. I’m not talking “ten hits more per day”; it’s a steady, increasing number of hits. That’s great, the more, the merrier, and at the moment, the site manages. But I have to count on your patience if “Good Boy, Sparky!” shouldn’t load as fast as other pages. This is not a professional enterprise, just the cyber-equivalent to collecting stamps…

So, what’s new? “Swingtown” seems to have kicked up the wolken; I doubt we’ll see a second season. Then there’s a little tidbit for “The Keyman”, staring Hugo Weaving and Jack Davenport (two of my favourites in one movie, how great is that?) – credit for finding it goes to April and Lulu. If you click on the small picture below, you’ll get to the myspace page of “Bones”. He took a neat “Keyman behind the scenes” picture.


“Flash Forward” is hot topic on the internet. I have neither the means nor the time to track down all information, so I’ve added the two (so-far) most informational links here to the navigation bar. They are FastForwardTV and the blog of “Fast Forward” author Robert J. Sawyer. Of course I’ll keep you updated on important news, but if you want to know everything there is to know about that new show, then consult the specialists. 🙂

More soon.

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Tired of reading about “Swingtown”? No problem. Let’s talk about… whatever happened to “The Key Man”. Did the production go the way of the dodo? Do we deal with another Hungry Hamster here?

Jack Davenport really seems to have a thing for the 70s…

No, there’s still hope and a chance for screenings at festivals, and that’s good news. Jack Davenport and the fantastic Hugo Weaving in one movie, how much better could it get?

Hugo Weaving and one of the “Key Man” producers

The plot: “After overhearing his wife make a derisive remark about her lot in life, a small-time insurance salesman loses faith in himself and falls prey to the murderous charms of a failed actor and an aging Jewish gangster in need of a pawn in their ill-fated insurance scam.”

Now we have a second picture of Jack Davenport as Bobby in “The Key Man”. Quite obviously, he’s training for the Ralley Monte Carlo.

The Hot Rod of Insurance Salesmen

Special thanks to Dora for this one.

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