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You might remember our various entries about the “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition by Cambridge Jones at the Getty Images Gallery in London, in connection with “Barnardo’s”, the charity promoting adoption in the UK.

Thanks to Dora, we can now share two more pictures of Jack Davenport with and without the two cute bairns:

(c) Cambridge Jones

Btw. in reply to a frequently asked question: we have no idea if those photographs are up for sale. They probably were during the exhibition.

And now for something completely different.

Facebook is, without a doubt, a fantastic place if you get your kicks from zombyfiing people or throwing sheep after them. However, we’re not there, and we have no intention to get an account. So there’s no Sparky on facebook, bebo, faceparty, twitter, vox or myspace. Especially not on myspace. You couldn’t be less on myspace than we are. Thanks!


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In connection with the recent “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London, “Marie Claire” runs an article in its June issue about both the exhibition and “Barnardo’s”, the charity promoting adoption in the UK.

It kind of baffles me that one even has to promote adoption. If you needn’t to be married for five years, “unwillingly childless” and have the income of a bank director where I live, I’d done it long ago. Anyway, initiator of this event was/is photographer Cambridge Jones, and many celebrities participated in this exhibition, among them Jack Davenport and Andrew Lincoln.

If you’re interested in adoption, please check out Barnardo’s. It’s a good thing, folks.

“(…) It’s vital that people are reminded about adoption – there are so many children in the UK in need of a loving family. It can change lives in the profoundest way imaginable. – Jack Davenport (…)”

Jack Davenport with Aaron, ten, and Sasha, four

Andrew Lincoln with Janet, five

Rageh Omaar with Adrian, seven, Hassan, two, and Rita, five

If you want to learn more about the background of the exhibition and the “Heart Gallery” project, please surf over to have a look at Cambridge Jones’ portfolio.

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Do you remember the “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition in benefit of Barnardo’s Charity?

According to photographer Cambridge Jones, Channel 4 are “in discussions with Shine TV to make a documentary of the whole project.”

The exhibition at The Getty Images Gallery in London consisted of pictures taken by children of celebrities and pictures of celebrities taken of the children.

Whether this project will ever be realised is unknown; at the moment, Channel 4 is busy producing milestones of TV history like “The World’s Fattest Pet and Me”.

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The “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London has been opened today. For further details (when, what, who, why) please see this entry. The event is a benefit for the Barnardo’s Children Charity.

If you visit the website of


and allow the flash animation to load, you’ll see Jack and two cute wee moppets. Anybody in the London area: an exhibition well worth visiting and for a cause that can never get too much support.

Edited to add: as the exhibition is over, the picture isn’t there anymore. Here’s the small version:

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Event: Cambridge Jones’ Celebrity Photography Exhibition
Exhibition Opening Date: 25 April 2008

Location: Getty Images Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DX (nearest tube is Oxford Circus)

Exhibition will feature work from celebrity guest photographers: Cherie Blair, Sean Bean, Jack Davenport, Terry O’Neill, Laura Bailey, Bruce Oldfield, Colin Salmon, Andrew Lincoln, Claudia Winkleman, Lulu Guinness, Sophie Raworth, Dom Joly, Brian Belo, Fraser James, Gail Porter, Heather Small, Josie D’Arby, Stephen Mangan and Rageh Omaar.

Details: Barnardo’s and a host of well-known faces have joined forces with acclaimed photographer Cambridge Jones in a bid to find permanent homes for the thousands of children awaiting adoption across the UK. The exhibition highlights some of the children in the care system that have nowhere to call home. Celebrities became guest photographers for the day to highlight the importance of finding every child a home.

The exhibition runs from 25 April until 3 May 2008.



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