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Still waiting for the official green lighting of “Flash Forward”. This is getting a bit ridiculous, to be honest. Viral marketing and TV promos, yet no official “we have a series”, so what else can we do but talk about


deadwood_dvdNOW ON SALE!

That Deadwood Feeling is a blackly comic film noir, a tale of three guys who dream of making a movie, of becoming players in the game of life. What could be simpler? Michael (Dexter Fletcher, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Hotel Babylon) has the enthusiasm, Jack (Jack Davenport, Pirates of the Caribbean) has the intellect and Frank (Demetri Goritsas, The Bourne Identity) – well, Frank has the answer to everything.

The only minor obstacle is that they haven’t a single original idea between them, until out of the shadows comes this weird actor guy (Richard Stanley, dir. Hardware, Dust Devil) who offers them his life story on a plate.

Off they set on a journey of optimism, exploitation, denial, dreams, both good and bad – and ultimately death. Throughout they re offered words of worldly wisdom by Larry, (David Soul, Starsky and Hutch), a seen-it-all, done-it-all big shot that s if you believe his own publicity.

Watching over the unfolding story is an unnamed character (Angus Deayton) who seems to know everything and how it s all meant to be. But who the hell is he? What¹s his game? And what s his relationship to the mysterious Girl in the Red Dress (Ivana Horvat)?

Although no animals were harmed in the making of this movie, it would be inhumane to let em watch it! LARRY

Special Features

  • Original Trailer
  • Creating That Deadwood Feeling
  • The Unmaking of Deadwood
  • Richard Stanley Interview
  • Deleted scenes

There’s a trailer up on Amazon. I got the “sent!” notice from Amazon last Friday, so the DVD should arrive soon. Considering the very strange story of this movie’s creation, I’m really curious to see it. Review to follow!

There’s news for the most unexpected of projects – for example



The official website has been updated, and you can read the latest production blog from April HERE.

Now they are on their latest and most dangerous adventure yet, which is why they cannot finish their programmes for us. They are in middle Europe trying to stop a mad GM scientist from manufacturing some hideous cross-breeds and devastating the environment. Goodness knows, they have enough trouble saving their own skins let alone the planet. Anyway, don’t forget to come back here soon for the very latest instalment.

We will, we will…

I’m currently in the process of updating various parts of the website. If you should encounter broken links or cryptic code rather than text, please don’t worry. Everything will work soon again.


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Don’t turn your back on the Hamsters yet!


Please click the following link for an in-depth outview on the future of the “Hungry Hamsters” by producer Nick Sercombe – we might see the Hamsters next year!

(Video will start automatically; please don’t click anywhere and ignore “registration” note)


Summary for the tl;dr (or rather, tl;dl) crowd:

  • Production costs for one episode of “Hungry Hamsters” are 1 million quid *gulp*
  • They have a writing team of 12 people on the case
  • Major broadcasters are very much interested and love the show, but a decision on whom to sell the show has not been made yet
  • All the stories have been written
  • Production started in June 2008 (if nothing has changed since)
  • They aim for a broadcast of the first six (of thirteen) episodes by either April or September 2009

Dear producers, sponsors, broadcasters: give us those friggin’ hamsters already! Give us DVDs! Computer games! Downloads! Soundtracks! Fugly merchandise (please not Made in China) we don’t really need but would buy, anyway! A fancy website! We can’t wait to throw our money in your direction; we’re fans, it’s what we do, and if we have the chance to invest in an original collectible Sparky as 007 hamster teapot warmer (mint on card, of course), we’ll do it!

See? There’s always hope. Special thanks to Steve Follows for this wonderful bit of information
(He’s the son of Dave Follows, one of the fathers of the Hamsters – see earlier entries under the “Hungry Hamster” tag)

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Yesterday a mail from a nice lady called Gwen landed in our mailbox. Hungry Hamsters, so she said, had not gone the way of the dodo. Some weeks ago, she’s been to an exhibition in honour of cartoonist Dave Follows. He was one of the “fathers” of the hamsters. And according to some people at that exhibition, the Hungry Hamsters project has not been dropped.

We found Dave Follow’s website, and really, there’s a report about the exhibition as well as the following tidbit:

“Hungry Hamsters, a new animated comedy series created by TV producer Nicholas Sercombe and Dave Follows, Hungry Hamsters is currently in production, 13 x half hour CGI animation programmes due for completion early May 2008, its aim for a Muppet Show like time slot on ITV or BBC is currently under negotiation … the programmes feature a star principal cast including voices from Brian Blessed, Harry Hill, Jack Davenport, and rock legend Alice Cooper and will also be released on computer and mobile.”

( source )

No idea if this bit is just a repetition of the press news from two years ago, but hey, it’s news. And you know the old proverb:

“When giants cast shadows, hope for the shade.”
No, we have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

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