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“FlashForward” is back on FIVE, but unfortunately, the rates a pulling a Titanic. I hope nobody will click “eject” after “ff”… but on the plus side, there are more interviews with Jack than ever. Or it’s the same interview, re-interpreted by 20 different people: what would be your ff, what’s it like working on US television, will Lloyd hook up with Olivia, do you know how ff will end, what’s the average speed of a swallow…
(Can’t somebody ask him about his thoughts on Arséne Wenger, for a change?)


During the great global blackout on ABC’s FlashForward, most of the show’s characters got sneak peaks at life-changing moments they’re apparently destined to experience. But cast member Jack Davenport suspects, if he had a real-life flashforward, all he would see is 2 minutes, 17 seconds of the same mundane stuff he does every day. “I would probably find myself either walking the dog, changing my son’s diaper or doing both at the same time,” he says. “A lot of life is routine and I’m sure my future would be just as prosaic.”

Sounds better than my flashforward: cat jumps on table. Cat jumps on desk. Cat changes locks on front door.


I know that “Good Boy, Sparky!” is taking ages to load at times. The reason is actually a positive one – with the start of FlashForward’s second half of series one, interest in Jack has once again gone through the roof. Heavy traffic = tailback. This blog here is hosted on WordPress, which has its own servers, so it’s not affected. I’m very sorry about any trouble this causes, but unfortunately, there’s not much I can do. Friends, Romans, Netizens – I ask for your your forgiveness.

In more positive news: “Good Boy, Sparky!” has now had over 500’000 visitors! So that’s either the same five fans visiting the site 100’000 x each, or Jack Davenport is more popular than we thought. Neat!


I don’t buy paparazzi shots.
I don’t want to see paparazzi shots.
I seriously can’t be arsed.


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Tons of interviews,
big and small –
it’s impossible to track them all.
If you try, I wish you luck,
Go to Twitter and enter “Jack”…

Hey, I never claimed to be Shakespeare.

While the world prepares for the return of “FlashForward”, exclusive interviews with the cast are popping up all over the internet. I decided to pick only one and let you all use your own google-fu.
It goes without saying that I went for the one where the interviewer starts his article with the words “I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of TV romance. It’s a guy thing.” A pity, that – somebody who can write a sentence like “The Lloyd and Olivia ship has been anchored in the bay of forbidden love for sometime on the show…” is a natural for writing romance.

Anyway, please click the link below for article and videos:

TVOvermind – Interview with Jack Davenport and Sonya Walger

If the videos shouldn’t load for you (either the site is overwhelmed with traffic or has a Firefox ad-blocken allergy), you can try the following site, which also offers a summary of the interviews in Spanish – and the videos load without problem.

Entrevista a Jack Davenport e Sonya Walger

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It’s only a ten seconds interview, and you have to suffer through the trailer for a guaranteed flop first, but at least it’s an interview, and it’s more fun to look at Jack Davenport than doing the laundry.

The report from the premiere of “The Boat That Rocked” in London also includes Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton, Tom Sturridge, Richard Curtis and others. And snippets from the movie, showing Norrington Mr. Twatt busy at work fighting the pestilence of piracy, poisoning British territorial waters and airwaves with


Jack says it’s nice doing “Comedy Bad Guy” (TM). Nick Frost complains about non-dancing GoGo girls. It’s raining. In other words: business as usual in London.





Don’t forget: “The Boat That Rocks” officially opens on 1 April – no kiddin’. Go, watch, enjoy yourself and be grateful Hugh Grant was busy elsewhere and let us know how you liked it. Mails containing the word “puerile” more than once or breaking Sparky’s Law (“A movie may not be condemned solely because it will be seen by more than 15 people and the director looks good in a suit.”) will be mocked.

Extra bonus special weekend-goody (with special thanks to Mary):


Don’t forget to check the


many new features and clips!

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