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Jack Davenport talks about his role as Lancelot in “Kingsman: Secret Service” at the New York Premiere of the movie.


And another soundbite!


Thanks to Karen for the tip!


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It was a blast. It was da bomb. It was smashing. And now we have to wait for what, nine, ten months? I could have two litters of puppies in that time, fly to Mars and spend my holidays there or even get a human being on the other end of the BT helpline!

But better late than no season two at all.

Bring it on, Sparky!

In completely different news:

Jack Davenport on Anthony Minghella

Somebody told me early on in our rehearsal period for the film that my character, Peter Smith-Kingsley (who in the novel appears in only one scene), had become in Ant’s writing an amalgam of qualities that he most admired in people. I found this information frankly terrifying, but Ant put it to me slightly differently. He said that Peter was the only character in the story who was comfortable in their own skin, and it was this quality that attracted Tom Ripley.

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“Smash”, the singing and dancing Broadway drama, will start tomorrow Saturday, 10pm on Sky Atlantic!


Far too long has Europe been deprieved of Jack Davenport’s excellent dastardly-then-again-not-really choreographer Derek Wills. There are two really good videos of an interview with Jack Davenport talking about the character and his thoughts on the show. Part I is here (can’t be embedded, sorry), part II here.

“He [Derek Wills] couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks about him. I sadly do care what people think about me, I wish I cared less but I don’t and it’s quite liberating to play someone like that.”

Jack Davenport (Derek Wills in "Smash")

I’m very curious how “Smash” will be received over here. The British press loves to eat their own, but at the end of the day, it’s the fans who make or break a show. Up to you now, guys!

I’m leaving you with a shot of Jack on the red carpet of the Olivier Awards. Unsurprisingly, he won the award for Best Tux of the Evening.

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Not that we’re complaining about the sudden influx in Jack Davenport-related news – on the contrary! But how on earth are two li’l dogs supposed to keep track of everything? I mean – try and type with paws! Maybe we should hire a secretary. Frank mentioned a lovely dachshund lady called Daisy who might be available.

Looking at some of the mails in our mailbox, we better ask Rocky the Rottweiler to help us out. Chill, folks! It’s only a TV show, and it’s not even on telly yet. Nobody here is involved with the production of the show, so yelling at us is a waste of time. We understand that it’s important to you that you feel “Smash” is a cheap rip-off of “Glee” or that you think Jack Davenport has the acting skills of a gerbil. But we’re just random dogs on the internet, and the only things we’re interested in are Royal Canin No. 25 and  Almo Nature with Tuna. By all means, start a flamewar with animated gifs and lolcats and sparkly font and trollface somewhere on tumbler if you must, but stop spamming us. It will only get you your IP address blocked.

Back on topic: more news and articles about and on and with Jack Davenport!

Brittany Frederick @ starpulse.com

“I really don’t feel I’ve seen this on television before, this world explored like this, and explored very authentically as well,” he tells me, adding that his interest in the project was “partly to do with what it wasn’t. There’s absolutely a place for, and I am a great fan of, many shows in which people are either armed or wearing white coats or pleading for clemency from a judge – but there’s plenty of them and plenty of terrific ones. If I don’t have to do that for now, that would be kind of lovely.”

Behind-the-scenes video @ etonline.com

And another video…

… and one more review:


NBC has a rare gem here with Smash and if they boggle it like they have other shows in the past it can be the nail in the coffin for NBC or if they leave alone and support it like other networks do their own shows it has the potential of becoming a flagship show and undoubtedly NBC’s most talked about show in over a decade.


As the show unfolds I can’t help but imagine fans of the show playing out a Twilight-like scenario with “Team-Karen” or “Team-Ivy”.

Good grief…

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You’ll like this one! It’s good to read an interview with more than four sentences, of which one is “… or I’ll have to kill you.”

"Today a Scottish terrier called Sparky asked me for an autograph. World domination is within reach."

“(…) They go, “Are you that guy?” And I say, “Yes” and then I look at the ground. I wouldn’t say for a moment that it’s getting old, being in things that people are responding positively to. It’s delightful. It’s why we do what we do. (…)”

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Here’s an interview with Jack Davenport, taken at the Prince of Persia premiere covered last week.

When asked about his plans for the future, he mentions that he’ll do a movie in France this summer, so that should put the minds of those at rest who feared he’d be out of bread after the end of FlashForward.

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Anybody here who would not go for the half-naked physicist? No? I thought so.

Jack Davenport answers the questions of his fans; just click the pic to watch the video.

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