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The website is up and running again, and there shouldn’t be any more lagging. We still have no idea who was responsible for the DDoS attack, but we hope they’ll step barefoot on Legos every morning for the rest of their lives.

Have you seen “Smash” last night, by the way? Yes? Good boys. And girls.

And because today is Valentine’s birthday, here’s a picture of Jack Davenport and his ever-lovely wife, Michelle Gomez.


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We’ll get to Jack Davenport’s whereabouts in a minute, but let me introduce a friend of mine first:

Frank the Poodle!

As you can tell, Frank’s a bad role model. Frank doesn’t care, though. Nor do I. So please, no emails about the dangers of smoking again, cheers. He’s not particularly interested in Jack Davenport (ok, let’s be honest, he had no idea who Jack Davenport is), supports the worst football team on this planet and there’s not one TV show we both like. But still, Frank’s a great mate and offered to jump in to help me out with “Good Boy, Sparky!”, and here’s why:

The recent lack of updates was partially due to Jack Davenport working on whatever he’s working that I don’t know of (and therefore can’t tell you anything about – does that make any sense?) and partially because I’ve been and still am a bit under the weather. Unfortunately, that won’t change any time soon, but I didn’t want to give up the website. I’m very happy that Frank offered to maintain the website for me; he’ll start updating the galleries next week. I’ll still be around though, no worries.

Cheers, Frank! Woof!

And now for the all-important question:


Well, there was the becoming-a-parent-bit. Kids keep one busy. And awake. And you have no idea how much cleaning-work is involved after feeding children pea soup or puréed spinach. So it’s  not unreasonable to assume he’s spent more time with the family.

There is no information about the movie project in France that Jack mentioned a while ago. Internet rumours claim that he’s actually been hidden away on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” instead and will have a cameo as a zombie-Norrington (Zombington?)  in the movie. I won’t deny that miracles can happen – after all, Damian O’Hare as Lt. Gillette will return as well (huzzah!) – but so far, there’s not one person, picture or source out there to confirm that anything about that rumour is true.

DEATH KNIGHT LOVE STORY is still in the works.

According to some users of Spotify, Jack Davenport is doing a voice-over for Alfa Romeo. That’s very nice, but I’ll stick to public transport.

If you’d like to enjoy Jack’s voice without added that special car-salesman-touch, I recommend you’ll listen to his latest audio book:

SUM: Tales from the Afterlife
by David Eagleman
(various episodes)

Or, if you prefer radio: BBC4 will repeat

by Haruki Murakami
read by Jack Davenport

tomorrow, 0.30am.

As for new releases:

FLASH FORWARD is now available on DVD!

And if you live in the UK, here’s some excellent news for you:


Starting on 7th September, 10.35pm, ITV1 will show all episodes of the series. Better late than never, eh?

What else… oh, yes. Jack Davenport and Michelle Gomez were guests at the wedding of Anna Paquin (whom I like a lot) and Steven Moyer (he worked with Jack in “Ultraviolet”). As far as I know, nobody was bitten. All the best to the newlyweds!

And last but not least – and not completely unrelated to weddings! – I have news from Ziko, the HeroRat sponsored by “Good Boy, Sparky!”:

“First, Mrs. Ziko and I are happy to announce the safe arrival of three new babies!  Can you imagine?! Triplets! (Truth be told, that’s pretty normal for us Giant African Pouched Rats, but its totally new to me!) The three of them are healthy and active little buggers always squirming around and begging for more milk!  Of course, we have already picked out their future professions: HeroRATs!”

Mrs. Ziko is a very busy new mum!

Three little HeroRattlings!

If you’d like to support the important work of HeroRats and/or learn more about the way they help clearing landmines and detecting contaminated water, please click on the “HeroRats” button in the navigation bar. Cheers!

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Jack Davenport talks in the Radio Times about this and that, crap television and good music, newsnight and food and yes, there is a baby. That’s fantastic news – not only because kids are great, but also because folks can stop mailing me about it now. Congratulations and all the happiness in the world to Michelle Gomez, Jack Davenport and their wee bairn!

Click the pic to read the interview (special thanks to M. for sharing).
And here’s the perfect song to go with it…!

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Michelle Gomez and Jack Davenport are among those people who use their popularity for more than just getting goody bags in VIP lounges. I don’t wear hats, but I take my cap off and salute them for their efforts. Along with many others, they try and raise awareness for the various types of hepatitis, one of the “forgotten” illnesses in our society. Or maybe “ignored” would be a better word.

19 May has been declared

World Hepatitis Day,

and in connection with this event, I have some links for you.

Raquel Jose is hanging out with Michelle Gomez and Jack Davenport. By the way, ‘Am I number 12?’ because one in twelve people has hepatitis.


Michelle Gomez, Frank the dog, Jack Davenport and Raquel Jose. Picture pilfered from the World Hepatitis Alliance.

There are also two  videos up on youtube in which both Michelle and Jack talk about the cause:

Michelle Gomez and Alan McGee:

Not related in any way to this campaign, but Frank the dog looks neat. Sparky approves (but then Sparky would approve of every animal that’s not a cat…)

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Good old Getty Images, what would we do without you? Here are the two pictures on which the watermarks do not make Jack look as if he had a really nasty skin condition. Yes, I’m glaring looking at you, AFP.


Jack Davenport and his awesome wife Michelle Gomez at the World Premiere of ‘The Boat That Rocked’ in London, England.
(Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images.)


Jack Davenport attends The Boat That Rocked MARTINI World Premiere Party, at the Martini Terrazza on March 23, 2009 in London, England.
(Photo by Getty Images for Martini – *hic* CHEERS!)

They both look smashing, and I absolutely love Michelle’s earrings.
You just got to love a couple where the colour of the husband’s tie matches the one of his wife’s tights!

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