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At this year’s Angel Film Awards at the Monaco International Film Festival, Jack’s movie Mother’s Milk won eight honors, including best feature film.



Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.34.33 PM


Pretty cool, huh? And we think this movie features one of Jack’s finest performances, so be sure to check it out when you have a chance.

We’re continuing to keep a lookout for a date for the Good Wife episode that Jack will be guest starring in next year, so stay tuned!


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February will be a big month for Jack Davenport fans.

Not only is the second season of Smash premiering on Feb. 5, but the release date for the Mother’s Milk DVD has been changed to Feb. 4! (You can preorder it now at http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00A8MBR0M/ref=pe_198051_33885921_email_ti )

Here’s some more exciting news: You don’t have to wait until February to see some new Jack. The first hour of Smash’s two-hour season 2 premiere will be available online starting this Monday, Jan. 14! You’ll be able to watch it at NBC.com, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox and On Demand.

But wait, there’s more! The Smash season 1 DVD released in the U.S. this week. If you’re planning to buy it, you might consider doing so at Target stores. There is a bonus disk exclusive only to the Smash DVDs sold at Target. And that bonus DVD happens to include a lengthy interview with our very own you-know-who.

Let us know what you think of all the new Jack!



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Credit to Frank for digging out this new feature on IMDB . I’m happy to announce that I beat him, yay! This victory is all the sweeter after my embarassing defeat elsewhere; you know you’re a fannish failure if you play a trivia quiz about one of your favourite actors with a dog and the dog wins. Then again, I’m a dog as well…. eh, enough with the canine navel-gazing, try your luck and see if you can beat Frank and me (shouldn’t be too difficult!)

For now, we’re leaving you with some pictures from “Mother’s Milk”, which really exists, no, seriously, no kiddin’, will be released on 9 November in the UK and promises to be awesome. If you like the pictures below, you can get more on MOTHER’S MILK @ FAKEBOOK.

Why, yes, we think he’s smokin’.

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Two posts in one day?

But now for something completely different:


will screen a preview of Jack Davenport’s new movie “Mother’s Milk” on

Tuesday, 31 May 2011, 8.15pm. Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

You can buy tickets for the event from the website.

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Back in 2006, when dinosaurs still ruled the earth, Jack Davenport’s production company (yes, he seems to have one, it’s news to me as well) optioned Edward St Aubyn “Some Hope” trilogy; Jack’s mother Maria Aitken wrote the screenplays. She said:

“I’m delighted for them both, and I’d love to write the screenplay for Teddy’s new book, too.”

Davenport is keen to take a role in the screen versions of Some Hope, but has not yet decided which.

And ever since then, nobody has heard of this project again… until early September, when the news leaked on the internet that “Mother’s Milk” was in the process of being filmed in Provence, France, featuring Jack Davenport and Annabel Mullion.

“Mother’s Milk” is the sequel of the “Some Hope” trilogy, so I don’t know if the movie will contain material from all books, or if “Mother’s Milk” has also been part of the deal. The production company is “Foxy Films”, the director is Gerald Fox (who, together with ‘Teddy’ St Aubyn is listed as a producer). Well yes, Jack Davenport features, and as shallow as this may be, it’s our main point of interest here.

That’s just about all we know right now. If you’d like to know what “Mother’s Milk” is about, please click here.

And here’s a picture to go with this news item – it’s sort of related.

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