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Not that we’re complaining about the sudden influx in Jack Davenport-related news – on the contrary! But how on earth are two li’l dogs supposed to keep track of everything? I mean – try and type with paws! Maybe we should hire a secretary. Frank mentioned a lovely dachshund lady called Daisy who might be available.

Looking at some of the mails in our mailbox, we better ask Rocky the Rottweiler to help us out. Chill, folks! It’s only a TV show, and it’s not even on telly yet. Nobody here is involved with the production of the show, so yelling at us is a waste of time. We understand that it’s important to you that you feel “Smash” is a cheap rip-off of “Glee” or that you think Jack Davenport has the acting skills of a gerbil. But we’re just random dogs on the internet, and the only things we’re interested in are Royal Canin No. 25 and  Almo Nature with Tuna. By all means, start a flamewar with animated gifs and lolcats and sparkly font and trollface somewhere on tumbler if you must, but stop spamming us. It will only get you your IP address blocked.

Back on topic: more news and articles about and on and with Jack Davenport!

Brittany Frederick @ starpulse.com

“I really don’t feel I’ve seen this on television before, this world explored like this, and explored very authentically as well,” he tells me, adding that his interest in the project was “partly to do with what it wasn’t. There’s absolutely a place for, and I am a great fan of, many shows in which people are either armed or wearing white coats or pleading for clemency from a judge – but there’s plenty of them and plenty of terrific ones. If I don’t have to do that for now, that would be kind of lovely.”

Behind-the-scenes video @ etonline.com

And another video…

… and one more review:


NBC has a rare gem here with Smash and if they boggle it like they have other shows in the past it can be the nail in the coffin for NBC or if they leave alone and support it like other networks do their own shows it has the potential of becoming a flagship show and undoubtedly NBC’s most talked about show in over a decade.


As the show unfolds I can’t help but imagine fans of the show playing out a Twilight-like scenario with “Team-Karen” or “Team-Ivy”.

Good grief…


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Being in the pilot for only 30 seconds might not be a lot, but if the other 29 seconds look like this one, the fans will very likely not complain…


Jack Davenport in "Flash Forward"

Here’s the trailer to go with it. I can’t embed it because ABC wants to know the username and password of this account here to add the widget – HELL, NO! Over my dead body. So just


Promo shots are slowly beginning to trickle in; the biography of Jack’s character “Lloyd Simcoe”, isn’t up on the Official ABC Flash Forward website yet, but the folks over on SpoilerTV have the picture to go with it:


Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe in ABC's new show "Flash Forward"

According to ABC, “Flash Forward” will be aired this autumn (or “fall”, for our friends across the pond) on Thursdays, 8-9pm, before “Grey’s Anatomy”. For further news, check out FlashForwardTV from time to time (I’m not involved with the site, I’m only a lazy git who’s happy to have a place where I can direct people to).

No idea yet if “Flash Forward” will come to Europe or not. However, looking at the great number of British stars, at least one of ABC’s eyes is probably firmly set on the European market. It’s still early days. ABC does offer episodes of its shows online; can’t tell you if Flash Forward will be available to us Europeans, though.

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Are you a Lostophobe just like me? You might want to give the show a try for at least one episode. According to Hollywood Reporter:

ABC is so excited about its new project Flash Forward the network has plans to start marketing the show before its even officially ordered a series.

When viewers tune in for the 100th episode of Lost next week (Wednesday, 29 April), they will be served an extra dose of mystery. Sources said ABC will launch a stealth promo campaign for Flash during the episode, in which Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) will come clean about what he knows about the island.

While questions from the dense mythology of Lost probably will be answered in the episode, the commercial breaks are sure to raise a host of new ones. Viewers will see perplexing snippets that might direct viewers to a Web site.

The mystery spots will in fact be for Flash. They are said to be part of an elaborate marketing campaign for the drama, which has not been officially picked up but is quietly being positioned on ABC’s schedule for next season. ABC has used several online Web sites to promote Lost over the years; sites designed to expand on various aspects of the the show’s complex mythology.

Considering that the series has not been officially ordered yet, that’s an extremely rare and exciting marketing stunt. It’s also very frustrating, because you only get to see the promos if you watch ABC USA. Bad luck for us Europeans! But hey, this is the internet – see you all on youtube!

And who knows – maybe two of the thirty seconds Jack Davenport has in total screentime will make it into one of the promos… keep your fingers crossed!

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