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Do you think it’s a bit of a “Smash” overkill lately? Yeah, we can see how you’d feel that way. Here, have a baby otter.

Better? Good, then you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that Jack Davenport has made it on the cover of TV Guide Magazine!

But wait, there’s more – the cover comes with a brand new “Behind the Scenes” video and lots of Jack Davenport!

Have fun!

Once again, very special thanks to LulubellNYC and all the other gentle souls who keep us updated.


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“With a scandalous uncle, a bohemian childhood on Ibiza and marriage to a comedy star, Jack Davenport has plenty to draw on when acting the part of duplicitous bounder, stuffed shirt or buffoon. Marianne Macdonald meets an old-fashioned player…”

Bookmark the following link for your lunch break! Long article, interesting interview and, you’ll be pleased to hear that, three new pictures.



I’m beginning to fear that I’m the only person on this planet who absolutely hates sushi….

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If you don’t know what to read when next visiting your hairdresser, the September-issue of “Marie Claire” would be a good choice (if you’re living in the USA, that is). Why? Because the “Swingtown”-cast parades fashion. See Jack Davenport wearing a $ 475 shirt and looking like either a funeral director or a math teacher. Considering that he’d look five times better in a t-shirt, he will hopefully only pose for Marie Claire, not follow their fashion tips. The ladies look fantastic, though. And we learn that Grant Show’s moustache has been baptised “Sebastian”. Knowledge we couldn’t have lived without.

Click the small pic to get the big one.


“Swingtown – The First Season” is now up for pre-order on Amazon US, with a scheduled release date of 16 December. Price is USD 22.89, format Region 1 (Curse! Darn! Drat! Damnation!)

That’s great news for the fans of the show, but please keep in mind that “The First Season” doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a second (though we all hope it, of course, maybe with exception of the Concerned Citizens for Crispy Clean TV). I have so far not found an official source confirming the release, but it looks good. Keep your fingers crossed! Hat-tip to Dnique for finding this tidbit.


Guess who’s a Twatt… click the pic and surf over to actor William Ilkley’s website to find out.

Ken mailed us. He came across Jack Davenport in his hometown during the filming of “The Boat that Rocked” and wants the world to know that Jack’s a great guy, even on a bad day and in lousy weather. Jack’s welcome to return anytime. Cheers!

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In connection with the recent “Home Time – Photography Finding A Home” exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London, “Marie Claire” runs an article in its June issue about both the exhibition and “Barnardo’s”, the charity promoting adoption in the UK.

It kind of baffles me that one even has to promote adoption. If you needn’t to be married for five years, “unwillingly childless” and have the income of a bank director where I live, I’d done it long ago. Anyway, initiator of this event was/is photographer Cambridge Jones, and many celebrities participated in this exhibition, among them Jack Davenport and Andrew Lincoln.

If you’re interested in adoption, please check out Barnardo’s. It’s a good thing, folks.

“(…) It’s vital that people are reminded about adoption – there are so many children in the UK in need of a loving family. It can change lives in the profoundest way imaginable. – Jack Davenport (…)”

Jack Davenport with Aaron, ten, and Sasha, four

Andrew Lincoln with Janet, five

Rageh Omaar with Adrian, seven, Hassan, two, and Rita, five

If you want to learn more about the background of the exhibition and the “Heart Gallery” project, please surf over to have a look at Cambridge Jones’ portfolio.

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Isse 31 May, 2008, that is. Click the picture for more, registered users can read the article online.

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Here’s a selection of (p)reviews; links will be updated as they come.

In the interest of everybody’s sanity, I don’t link to (p)reviews written by people who start their articles with “I’m really not a prude, but…” or pompous upholders of moral values who spend their time bashing people who don’t share their own narrow-minded views, religion, colour of skin, political direction or sexual orientation. If the institution of marriage is at risk because of a TV show on CBS, something must be wrong with said institution rather than with the TV show. Just saying. And no, I have no “obligation to show both sides” here. This blog is the Buckingham Palace, and I’m the Queen of England, so bugger off already, will you.

Las Vegas Review Journal – Christopher Lawrence
Provocative ‘Swingtown,’ with its ’70s feel, not just about sex

BaltimoreSun.com – Maureen Ryan
CBS pushes envelope; gets into ‘Swingtown’ of things

New York Magazine – John Leonard
Wife Swap: the Early Years

PressDemocrat.com – Bill Mann
Back to cheesy 70s in ‘Swingtown’

Denverpost.com – Joane Ostrow
Steamy ‘Swingtown’: It’s CBS gone wild!
A fascinating observation: most of the scathing (p)reviews like this one mention that the stars of ‘Swingtown’ are Molly Parker (Canada) and Jack Davenport (UK), while positive (p)reviews point out that Grant Show (USA) is putting the ‘swing’ into town. Heh!

The Oregonian – Jacqueline Cutler / Zap2It
Sex and the married swinger

South Bend Tribune – Jeremy Bonfiglio
CBS experiments with ‘Swingtown’

AdAge – Brian Steinberg
Love May Keep Us Together, but What Will Free Love Do?

OregonLive.com – Peter Ames Carlin
Swingtown’s 7’0s = Sex, Sideburns and Ironic Detatchment

Chicago Tribune/The Watcher Blog – Maureen Ryan
‘Swingtown’, sex and the suburbs: Winnetka writer brings risque business to CBS

Variety – Brian Lowry
Swingtown reviewed

Sioux City Journal – Bruce R. Miller (*cackle*)
‘Swingtown’ aint got that swing

(Bonus points for the musical reference)

Newsweek – Joshua Alston
Sex on TV: Was It Good For You?

(Why, yes, thanks for asking. I smoked a cigarette after each episode of ‘Coupling’.)

USAtoday.com – Gary Levin
Get down to ‘Swingtown’ in hedonistic ’70s

Los Angeles Times – Martin Miller
CBS goes inside the bedroom with 1970s sex-swap series ‘Swingtown’

Daily News – David Hinckley
Wives swap in the name of love

The Phoenix – Mike Miliard
Spirit of ’76

Sun-Sentinel.com – Jacques Steinberg/The New York Times
The sexual awakening of CBS

Salon.com – Heather Havrilesky
I Like to Watch

MyCentralJersey.com – Ava Gacser
Love thy neighbour: Classy drama “Swingtown” is a feast for the senses

FilmStew – Shelley Gabbert
Where’s The Remote?

TV Guide – Sharon Knolle
Swingtown Premiere Party Coverage

UnderGroundOnline – K. Thor Jensen
Swingtown Review

The New York Times – Jacques Steinberg
“Take My Wife. Please. I’ll Take Yours.

Boinkology -Richard Blakeley
“Won’t You Take Me To… Swingtown?

TIME Magazine – James Poniewozik
“Coming attraction: Swingtown”

Buzz Sugar: First Look -Swingtown On CBS

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