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No, this is not the title of a documentary about the current global finance crisis. It’s an animated short Jack Davenport was/is involved with. Kudos to Vandelsira for finding this!


A black comedy set in insane asylum at the end of the 19th century, where the crazy are strong and the sane are witless. Starring the voices of Helen Baxendale, Jack Davenport and Simon Pegg. For release in 2007. 30 mins 35mm. 1:1.85. A co-production with Big Bang, Montreal. Written and directed by Gili Dolev.


The trailer looks absolutely amazing; a shame it seems to be one of those projects which started out well and then went the way of the dodo, or which were only available to a handful of people. Seeing how “Psychotica” was produced in 2006 and supposed to be released in 2007, we can assume the characters of Psychotica are sitting somewhere in a pub, getting plastered with the Hungry Hamsters.

There’s an official website; no content there, though.

Hey, short movie makers, be it of hamsters or inmates or whatever: how about selling your movies as downloads if you can’t show them anywhere? Yes, yes, I know, not artsy enough, but it’s a pity to see so many promising projects just disappear, and as much as I love them, breakable 78rpm’s have gone out of fashion, too.


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