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Time flies – the TV première of “Smash” is just around the corner!

And of course we’re curious to hear what you thought of it – loved it? Hated it? Do you like Derek Wills or would you rather throw him off a cliff? Leave a comment!




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Not that we’re complaining about the sudden influx in Jack Davenport-related news – on the contrary! But how on earth are two li’l dogs supposed to keep track of everything? I mean – try and type with paws! Maybe we should hire a secretary. Frank mentioned a lovely dachshund lady called Daisy who might be available.

Looking at some of the mails in our mailbox, we better ask Rocky the Rottweiler to help us out. Chill, folks! It’s only a TV show, and it’s not even on telly yet. Nobody here is involved with the production of the show, so yelling at us is a waste of time. We understand that it’s important to you that you feel “Smash” is a cheap rip-off of “Glee” or that you think Jack Davenport has the acting skills of a gerbil. But we’re just random dogs on the internet, and the only things we’re interested in are Royal Canin No. 25 and  Almo Nature with Tuna. By all means, start a flamewar with animated gifs and lolcats and sparkly font and trollface somewhere on tumbler if you must, but stop spamming us. It will only get you your IP address blocked.

Back on topic: more news and articles about and on and with Jack Davenport!

Brittany Frederick @ starpulse.com

“I really don’t feel I’ve seen this on television before, this world explored like this, and explored very authentically as well,” he tells me, adding that his interest in the project was “partly to do with what it wasn’t. There’s absolutely a place for, and I am a great fan of, many shows in which people are either armed or wearing white coats or pleading for clemency from a judge – but there’s plenty of them and plenty of terrific ones. If I don’t have to do that for now, that would be kind of lovely.”

Behind-the-scenes video @ etonline.com

And another video…

… and one more review:


NBC has a rare gem here with Smash and if they boggle it like they have other shows in the past it can be the nail in the coffin for NBC or if they leave alone and support it like other networks do their own shows it has the potential of becoming a flagship show and undoubtedly NBC’s most talked about show in over a decade.


As the show unfolds I can’t help but imagine fans of the show playing out a Twilight-like scenario with “Team-Karen” or “Team-Ivy”.

Good grief…

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Two bags of popcorn – check.

Four bottles of cider – check.

Chocolate – check.

Ice cream – check.

Yes, we’re ready and prepared for Flash Forward! Bring it on, Sparky!


“Flash Forward” will premier in the UK on 28 September, 2009, on FIVE at 9pm. Don’t miss it!

Everybody and their dogs (and probably even their gerbils) have written reviews and analyses of the pilot, which aired earlier this week in the USA. I picked one review for you which I found just the type of review I enjoy. Also, the author has an excellent taste.

FlashForward: Lost, in a Dream World
by Genevieve Valentine

“(…) Dear England, thanks for lending us so many of your fine character actors for this! We’ll give them back when we’re finished. (…)”

You better!!!

“Genevieve Valentine doesn’t see why anyone would be upset by a flashforward that shows them dating Jack Davenport.” – Nor do we, my dear, nor do we. If you’d  like to visit her LJ, you can do so here.

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… after all, the show is doing well in the ratings!

The Associated Press- Derrik Lang
Controversial CBS series ‘Swingtown’ continues to rattle America’s suburbs

“(…) So far, the sex – and interpersonal drama – seems to be selling. Critical reception for “Swingtown” has been toasty. The premiere episode was watched by a respectable 8.6 million viewers and was the sixth-most-watched drama of the week, coming in second place behind the NBA finals during its Thursday time slot, according to Nielsen Media Research. (…)”

Concerned citizens and parents of three year olds who can’t keep their offspring away from the tube at 10pm will be happy to hear that, so far, no bacchanalia have been observed in the streets.

Such good news calls for celebrations, and as I’m not very much into swinging (unless salad is involved), a couple of new pictures of Jack Davenport as Bruce Miller will have to do. Yeah, I know, you’re all suffering terribly.

Tired of Swingtown? Still not enthusiastic about Jack’s accent? Then here’s a little extra for me you.

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Swingtown has aired, and as expected, there’s fall-out. The critics’ opinion can be summed up with “meh”. I’m still sitting on the fence about the show; before my final verdict, I want to see two more episodes and how the story unfolds. Right now, it’s Jack Davenport’s presence which makes me keep on watching this show – what can I say, I’m shallow.

While ‘Swingtown’ is certainly not the series to end all series, I don’t agree with Rick Bentley of The Fresno Bee that “(…) The biggest loser is Davenport, whose career has gone into the toilet. (…)” – here’s a video of Mr Bentley at work, by the way:

And now back to a selection of ‘Swingtown’-reviews.

Red Orbit – David Kronke
CBS does a Swingin’ Job on New Series

Undion Tribune San Diegeo – Carla Peterson

Entertainment Weekly – Gary Susman
‘Swingtown’: Skyrockets in Flight

Slate – Troy Patterson
Sex in the Cul-de-Sac

Hollyscoop – Leah Bermudez

The Star-Ledger – Alan Sepinwall

The New York Times – Alessandra Stanley
Borrowing a Cup of Sugar – and Maybe a Spouse

USA Today – Robert Bianco
’70s cast haze on sex and drugs in ‘Swingtown’

The Globe and Mail – Kate Taylor
Can you be too suave, sexy and swinging?

Zap2It – Daniel Fienberg
A strong cast is overwhelmed by the camp-tastic ’70s backdrop and PG-rated adult content

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Here’s a selection of reviews; links will be updated as they come. Please also see the post with links to previews.

In the interest of everybody’s sanity, I don’t link to reviews written by people who start their articles with “I’m really not a prude, but…” or pompous upholders of moral values who spend their time bashing people who don’t share their own narrow-minded views, religion, colour of skin, political direction or sexual orientation. If the institution of marriage is at risk because of a TV show on CBS, something must be wrong with said institution rather than with the TV show. Just saying. And no, I have no “obligation to show both sides” here. This blog is the Buckingham Palace, and I’m the Queen of England, so bugger off already, will you.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Rob Owen
‘Swingtown’ isn’t just misguided because it’s on the wrong network

Toledo Blade – Mike Kelly
The Swinging 70s come to stodgy CBS

Sun Sentinel – Tom Jicha
CBS ‘Swingtown’ won’t rise your pulse

Philadelphia Daily News – Ellen Gray
‘Swingtown’ aims for shocking, doesn’t quite make it

Colorado Daily – TUBE: What would swingers do?

San Francisco Chronicle – Tim Goodmann

Deseret News – Scott D. Pierce
‘Swingtown’ is sexy, not good

Advocate.com – Kyle Buchanan
Do you swing?

TV Squad – Allison Waldman
Swingtown – An Early Look

Metromix – Michael O’Connell
‘The Ice Storm’ meets ‘Boogie Nights… on CBS?!

PalmBeachPost.com – Kevin Thompson
CBS Gets In The Swing Of Things With Wife-Swapping Drama ‘Swingtown’

The Canadian Press
CBS drama ‘Swingtown’: Swapping partners in the ’70s suburbs

TheDeadBolt.com – Brian Tallerico

The New Yorker – Nancy Franklin
That Seventies Show

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Joanne Weintraub
Vacillating over value of ‘Swingtown’

Detroit News – Mekeisha Madden Toby
Sex is CBS’ lure for ‘Swingtown’

New York Sun – Brendan Bernhard
This Isn’t Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Zap2It – Amy Amatangelo
Sex and Drugs on CBS? Oh My! A review of ‘Swingtown’

Hollywood Reporter – Barry Garron
Bottom Line: Into swapping? Then trade this ’70s show for one with depth and heat.

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Isse 31 May, 2008, that is. Click the picture for more, registered users can read the article online.

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