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This just in: Jack Davenport will star in a yet unnamed comedy thingy for HBO next to Sarah Silverman. It’s written by Secret Diary Of A Call Girl *cue eerie organ music* creator Lucy Prebble.


Jude (Silverman) is a “pathologically honest woman” having a modern midlife crisis. Blake (Davenport) is a “broken Brit” (so he’s on a zero hours contract?) who ends up in a relationship with Jude, despite getting caught up in his own virtual reality in Seattle. – Quoi?

More news as we get it.



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Remember to watch The Good Wife this Sunday, March 9, at 9pm Eastern on CBS. Jack guest stars as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, and we wouldn’t want to miss more of his American accent, now would we? 😉



Hopefully he’ll be doing more in the episode than simply testifying in a courtroom for a few minutes, but it’s better than nothing….

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Good news for Jack Davenport fans — there’s a chance that he could be back on our TV screens on a regular basis again soon.

He has landed a co-starring role on a new pilot for ABC called Sea of Fire. Here are the details we know so far.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.09.26 PM


Fingers crossed that this pilot gets picked up by the network!

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Suckage de luxe. This had potential; unfortunately, TV series don’t get the chance to grow and develop anymore, it’s either instant success or the axe. The pox on your houses, big wigs at ITV!


Now could somebody please cast Jack Davenport in something that will last? Not ending up dead would be a bonus. We don’t ask for too much, do we?

(Incidentally, this is post no. 222 – so how about a series lasting 222 episodes over 22 seasons?!)

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Sparky’s busy!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jack Davenport will play an upstanding assistant U.S. attorney in an episode of the fifth season of the CBS drama. Which means Inst-A-Ccent, but oh well. More news as we get it!

"Haven't We Met Before?" New York Premiere

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I’ve had some technical problems with my laptop, hence the lack of screencaps. I hope I’ve fixed the issue and can post caps of the last two episodes this weekend. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, catch up with the last episode of “Breathless”!


All I can say about that episode is QUOI!?


Don’t you dare leaving us hanging there, ITV!


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I predict snogging by episode 7…

Watch the fifth episode of “Breathless” as often as you like for a month!



As real as Bigfoot and Nessy: doctor and nurse holding hands at the hospital. Where’s National Geographic if you need them?!

This service is only available to those living in the UK.

Expat Shield, Expat Shield,
it’s what non-UK fans need,
Not that we’d encourage you
Just mentioning it, as you do…

The screencap gallery will be up later this weekend.

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