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All good things must come to an end, and who am I to argue with Nelly Furtado? Unfortunately, it was never possible to fully restore the Goodboy, Sparky! Website, and the days of website are probably over, anyway, what with everybody hanging out on Instasnapfacetwitindr (or like me, binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. So sue me, Dorothy).

Also, the last three years have been a bit of (well, monumentally) bollocks, healthwise, and while things are luckily looking much better now, I had to set priorities: Jack Davenport’s fans don’t really need a fansite, but I need my energy to live and make a living, sooo… I’ll pull the plug on the website on 4th of June, 2018. If there’s anything on Goodboy, Sparky! you like, download now, last chance!

Tumblr, Twitter and LJ accounts have already been deleted. This account here will stay up, because there’s a lot of information here which is still often visited, and I don’t want that to take away from you people. Have fun with it, my dears!

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the website for twelve marvellous years, to Jack Davenport for his work and of course to Sparky for inspiring the whole thing in the first place. Dismissed!



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Good news for Jack Davenport fans — there’s a chance that he could be back on our TV screens on a regular basis again soon.

He has landed a co-starring role on a new pilot for ABC called Sea of Fire. Here are the details we know so far.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.09.26 PM


Fingers crossed that this pilot gets picked up by the network!

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Suckage de luxe. This had potential; unfortunately, TV series don’t get the chance to grow and develop anymore, it’s either instant success or the axe. The pox on your houses, big wigs at ITV!


Now could somebody please cast Jack Davenport in something that will last? Not ending up dead would be a bonus. We don’t ask for too much, do we?

(Incidentally, this is post no. 222 – so how about a series lasting 222 episodes over 22 seasons?!)

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According to IMDB, it is rumored that Jack Davenport is going to be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Check it out for yourself here.

Also, according to Mr. Davenport’s CV posted on his agent’s site HERE, he’s going to be playing a character named Lancelot in the upcoming movie The Secret Service. This seems to be less of a rumor than the POTC news, but until it’s officially announced, we’ll still call it a rumor.

We’ll keep you posted as this news is confirmed (or not!).

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At this year’s Angel Film Awards at the Monaco International Film Festival, Jack’s movie Mother’s Milk won eight honors, including best feature film.



Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.34.33 PM


Pretty cool, huh? And we think this movie features one of Jack’s finest performances, so be sure to check it out when you have a chance.

We’re continuing to keep a lookout for a date for the Good Wife episode that Jack will be guest starring in next year, so stay tuned!

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Sad news: Actor Nigel Davenport, Jack’s father, has died at the age of 85. According to his agent Nicholas Young, he passed away on 25 October after suffering from pneumonia.




The Guardian

The Telegraph

I don’t know Jack Davenport personally, but I know from experience how painful losing a parent is. My condolences to the family and friends of Nigel Davenport, and much strength to all of them during this difficult time.

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All of you in the UK, be sure to tune in to Breathless tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 10, at 9 pm on ITV. Those of you in the US will have to wait til 2014, when it will air on PBS Masterpiece. 😦 For the rest of you in the world, hopefully your network reps attended MIPCOM this week in Cannes and purchased the show.

Here are some photos of Jack from that MIPCOM event earlier this week. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.31.14 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.31.24 AMScreen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.31.34 AMScreen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.32.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.31.14 AM


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