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This doesn’t come out of the blue, it had to be expected: FlashForward as a concept was great, but the execution wasn’t. Add to that the show-killing mid-series hiatus… too little was done too late. The show was over-hyped and couldn’t live up to the expectations; there was not enough time and substance for a genuine, dedicated fanbase to be built.

But still, FlashForward was a nice piece of television, and I don’t think we’ll have to worry about the future of any of the actors. I wish everybody involved with the production the best of luck. I bet we’ll see Jack Davenport soon again in either a different series or on the big screen.
Though we really miss him here and wouldn’t mind if he’d return. And bring John Cho with him.

"Don't worry - I'll buy two ocarinas, and we'll make millions with busking."


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